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Experiencing Jaci’s Safari Lodge Starbed Suites

Its really difficult to beat the ultimate romance of sleeping under a starry sky with the far off sounds of animals in the bush. We had the amazing opportunity to spend two nights at Jaci’s Safari Lodge where we stayed in one of their starbed suites.

Jaci’s Safari Lodge Starbed Suites inside sleeping area

When I saw our beautiful starbed suite for the first time I was completely blown away. One of my followers read my mind when they sent me a message saying this would be their ultimate apartment. I have to agree!

A beautiful door leads you to a very spacious interior with glass sliding doors along the front. The colourful decor I loved at Jaci’s Tree Lodge shines through here as well and compliments the earthy touches. This is next level luxury with two bathrooms complete with two baths as well as an indoor and outdoor shower.

There is also a bar stocked with some essentials like gin, tonic, ice and even some sliced lemon. The perfect place to enjoy your drink is outside on the huge deck area listening to the birds sounds.


The Starbed at Jaci’s Safari Lodge

Now that you have seen the gorgeous decadent inside let me show you the cherry on top. If you walk onto your deck you will find a staircase leading up to a rooftop with a bed and some chairs to relax at. You just need to ask before hand and the very helpful staff at Jaci’s can bring some lamps, set up the mosquito net and even bring you some snacks and drinks.

The great thing about the starbed suites is you can have a little bit off both. If you want adventure you can sleep upstairs and if you want straight out luxury you can sleep downstairs. We fell asleep at the top looking at the stars and when a thunderstorm rolled in we moved downstairs for the rest of the night.

Its also definitely all about romance and if you are looking to surprise your significant other this would be a great option.

Check out more about Jaci’s Lodges here.



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