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How To Find Choi Hung Estate Basketball Court in Hong Kong

Choi Hung Estate is one of the oldest housing estates in Honk Kong and also home to a really instagramable spot! A basketball court set against a pastel coloured apartment block has captured the hearts of photographers and now there are more photos being taken than sport being played.

How to get to Choi Hung Estate

Choi Hung Estate is pretty easy to get to by various means of transport. From Central we took the 101 bus ( check the Google Maps to see which bus you should take! ) and hopped off at the Ping Shek Estate stop which is basically right by the entrance to Choi Hung Estate. You can also take the metro as there is a stop right in front of the estate as well or opt to take a taxi which will cost significantly more.

I found the bus system to be fast and easy to navigate, it was also much cheaper than the metro and less crowded as well! You can also pay with your Octopus card or exact cash for your bus ride.

Once you get off at the metro or bus stop do not follow google maps all the way around the estate. We did that the first time and pretty much added 15 minutes walking in circles onto our already sweaty trip. The entrance is to the left of where you get off where you get off, just walk inside where the apartments are. After a few metres you will see a raised area with steps on both sides and the pastel building peaking out behind it. If you go up the staircase you will find a lot of people taking photos so you will definitely know you have arrived!

Instead of typing in Choi Hung Estate on google maps rather type in Choi Hung estate car park ( the basketball court is above the car park ) or use this link.


Taking the perfect picture at Choi Hung Estate

Unless you get to the estate early in the morning you will probably be greeted by quite a few other tourists wanting to get the iconic pastel pic. We were advised to go at about 2 in the afternoon as the light on the building would be optimal at that time. It didn’t matter too much though as it was a partly cloudy day. When the sun did come out though it was insanely hot and we were sweating buckets to say the least. Winter time would probably be a whole lot more manageable!

I for one don’t love having people in my photos especially if they are all posing and wielding cameras just like we are. Usually that means getting creative and not always getting that exact same photo that everyone wants to get but that is totally ok with me!

The most important thing to remember though before getting ready to take your perfect picture is respect the locals. This is an outdoor area for their enjoyment so don’t act entitled and take over doing whatever you please.

Here are my tips on getting the shot!

  • Pick a spot and wait it out. Eventually people will move and then take the gap and get that photo. Be ready with your pose though so you don’t get all flustered.
  • Find different angles so that you don’t have people in your images. A lot of the people that take photos there specifically want to take them on the basketball court. I wasn’t too interested in that so I opted for a spot by the blue benches. They are right in front of the wall by the estate which means it’s super easy to not get anyone in your shot.
  • We also got some great photos on the wall between the two palm trees, you need a wide angle lens for this but it looks really cool!
  • I did get some shots on the actual basketball court but for these I opted to be closer to the camera and had the f stop all the way down which meant my immediate background was pretty blurry while the colours on the buildings were still visible as it was much further away. If you only have your phone with you, you can try and get this as a portrait shot.
  • If you don’t mind people in your photos then just go in and have some fun!


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