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Five Awesome Sunset Shoot Spots In Cape Town

Michael and I do a lot of sunset shoots at cool spots in Cape Town and because everyone is always asking us where these spots are I thought I would do a post telling you about some of my favourites! Check out our instagram feeds for more! Campsbaygirl & Thelawry

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Camps Bay Tidal Pool:

This is one of my absolute best spots to shoot sunset. Its down the road from where we live and seeing as we can see it from our place I can always do a quick check to see if it is glassy or not. When the clouds are gorgeous and the tidal pool is still it basically feels like heaven on earth right on our doorstep. I do prefer going here in Winter though when there arent any crowds and we have it to ourselves.
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Clifton Beaches:

We tend to get a lot of wind in Cape Town and sometimes we might have a gorgeous photo worthy sunset but the wind is absolutely howling outside! This is when clifton always seems to come to our rescue. Not one of my favorite beaches by far as in Summer months it gets crazy busy but its extremely protected from the wind so you know you are likely to get a good shot from there when you will blow away everywhere else.

There is a lot to explore with 4 different beaches, plenty of rocks and a relatively calm bit of ocean.



Bakoven area:

Bakoven is an area in Camps Bay closest to the coastal road and somewhere I have been going since I was 3 years old. There are plenty of rocks and little beaches to explore but it has a locals only vibe so I wouldn’t suggest going there and making a noise or littering. Not only do we hang out here and swim but there are so many spots and interesting locations to shoot from.



Canon ball bay:

This little beach on the coastal road between Hout Bay and Camps Bay ( much closer to the Camps Bay side though ) is one of our fave hangouts when we are not in the mood for other people. It doesn’t have a lot of space to park and most of the time the tiny strip of beach is covered by water. What makes it so special is the amount of pebbles or small boulders scattered on the beach. It makes for some awesome shots and its just basically super pretty to hang out on.



Kloof corner:

I prefer Kloof corner to Lions Head or Table Mountain when it comes to sunsets. Its relatively easy and quick to get to ( if you dont mind a hectic 20min uphill ) but there are far less people than the other mountain spots in Cape Town. You also get an insane view of Camps Bay, Lions Head as well as the city from this corner spot.


Photos by either myself or Michael ( )


  • January 25, 2016

    Oh my god! These pictures are amazing!!!

  • Callie

    January 25, 2016

    Is Kloof Corner not really dangerous for muggers?

  • February 2, 2016

    How do you get this purple vibe in your pics?

      • February 6, 2016

        Is it possible to meet you? 😀 Not in real life, just on the internet


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