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5 Tips For Taking Photos In Canola

Its Canola season in the Western Cape and everyone is making their way to the fields of gold to go shoot some instagram worthy photos.

When my friend Natalie from invited Michael and I to join her for a day of shooting out in the Canola I couldn’t day no. Its way to difficult to resist a great photo opportunity on a perfect day!

If you are planning on shooting some canola this year then here are my 5 top tips!

Dont trespass

Just because there is a gorgeous yellow field on the side of the road doesn’t mean its a free for all. Always remember that farmers own these fields. They might not always be happy with a whole lot of people trampling their flowers everyday. Either get permission from the farmer or go to an open area. We took some photos in the fields next to the lovely Gabrielskloof where we had lunch.


Watch what you wear

I made the tragic mistake of wearing light pink sneakers while in the fields. I was pretty bummed out when I saw they had big green stains all over them. It took me hours of scrubbing and washing to kind of get the stains out. To avoid disappointment wear some old shoes you dont mind getting dirty. No one will be able to see them anyway. Also be aware that your clothes will also be full of yellow pollen. One good wash should sort that out though. I still wouldn’t risk wearing my most expensive clothes while shooting!

If you are in front of the lens then wear contrasting colours for good photos. We found that light blue and white worked really well with the environment.

Get a different angle

Mixing things up is always fun especially in photography. Try out some different angles when taking photos in the canola. Play with depth of field like for example having a bit of canola super close to your lens blurred out. If you have the subject in focus further away it makes for a really pretty soft effect.

We also sent our drones up for a few quick shots to just get the scale of the fields. Remember to ask permission to fly though, not everyone is cool with drones on their property! We used the DJI Mavic to get our shots!

Wait for sunshine

Moody photos are great but if you really want to get that perfect photo then sunshine is a must. The fields will pop and if you have blue skies they contrast will be beautiful. Just check which direction the sun is coming from when you are shooting to avoid harsh light and shadows on your subjects.

Bring Props to the Canola

I love using props in photos and the canola fields lend themselves to bringing out your youthful side. Pack pretty hats, polaroid cameras and even bubbles to create whimsical fun photos.



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