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Flying Premium Economy With Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is an airline I have always been keen to fly with and recently we got that opportunity. With a 3 week trip to Bali planned they seemed to be the obvious choice and it meant we could do a stopover in Hong Kong, somewhere that has been on my bucket list for a while.

We were also flying premium economy on both the long legs of our flight which I was super excited about. Flying gives me a lot of anxiety, especially when it comes to waiting in lines and overhead bin space! I was really interested to see if flying premium would give me a better experience than normal economy.

Priority check-in and boarding with Cathay Pacific Premium Economy

I felt special from the get go with priority boarding and check in for our flights. This took away a lot of my anxiety and made the whole process super smooth. There is an actual dedicated premium economy check in counter and because the section is quite limited you wont have to wait very long to check in.

Priority boarding also meant that we didn’t have to go stand and wait for about 20min before boarding starts just to get into the plane first and avoid having to struggle through everyone to get to your seat. It really get’s your travels off to a very positive start and it thankfully stayed positive throughout our entire trip!

Seating and extras

The seating is a really exciting part and what makes it 100% worthwhile to fly premium economy especially if you like your personal space. The premium economy section is just behind business class in it’s own cabin area. There aren’t a lot of seats which makes it a lot quieter as well. I loved that the seats were set up as two, four, two as well. It actually looked like a mini business class! The seats were wider than economy and they also recline a bit more with the added benefit of a foot rest that comes out. That helped so much when sleeping and I actually managed about 6 hours sleep on one of our flights!

As with business class you get a welcome drink of champagne or orange juice as you settle in. Small touches like that definitely makes you feel special! You also receive an amenity kit (including of a toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, eyeshade, and ear plugs) and a hot towel. The pillows are large and really comfortable and the blankets are also bigger and better quality than the ones in normal economy.

My favorite seats were the back row next to the window as it was super peaceful and that is probably why I got so much sleep!

Entertainment options on Cathay Pacific Premium Economy

I was also really excited about the fact that premium economy had noice cancelling headphones as well as a charging port. I had previously gotten a taste of the noice cancelling headphones and now I just can’t go back to normal ones. They block out almost everything ( I even leave them on while sleeping! ) and the really make the in flight movie experience so much better.

The screens are also slightly larger in premium economy so the whole package is just an upgrade from economy. Michael and I actually ended up starting our movies at the same times so we could watch together which was a lot of fun!


Food and service on Cathay Pacific Premium Economy

I opted for vegetarian meals for the flights which I confirmed when booking and I was pleasantly surprised with how they managed it. You receive your menu with choices as sit down and then they always make sure that I did indeed ask for a vegetarian meal. On two occasions I preferred their normal vegetarian meal over mine ( which was actually vegan/vegetarian ) and they were always happy to swop out. I actually never even needed to ask for special meals as they always had a great vegetarian option on the menu. I only felt slightly sad when I did not receive a chocolate at dinner ( only a snack bar ) but my sadness went away very quickly after being offered a delicious HäagenDazs ice-cream tub!

Also for breakfast I wanted my vegan meal ( it was sooo good! ) but asked if I could get a croissant instead of the brown roll and once again they were totally fine with it! Sometimes I hate asking for changes as I don’t want to cause any disruptions in the food service but they were so sweet and everything got sorted really efficiently.

Snacks are super important to me as I always get peckish on a long haul flight when breakfast is still hours away. On premium economy you can request instant noodles which we took advantage of ( they even found a veggie one for me! ) and they also walk through the cabin with chocolates, crisps and nuts to satisfy any cravings!

Why fly Cathay Pacific Premium Economy?

I definitely think that it is good value flying premium economy ( which is why the seats were always full! ) and I would 100% do it again. If you want that taste of business class without having to pay a lot of money then it is the perfect balance between the two. You get all the upgrades that count and it really makes a difference on how you feel when you get to your destination. We only had three days to explore Hong Kong and none of it was wasted on being tired which I am so thankful for!

Seasonal flights from Cape Town to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific

If you are based in Cape Town or you want to visit Cape Town it will be much easier from November 2019 till February 2020 with seasonal direct flights between the two cities! It has never been easier to explore Asia!

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