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Get the best sleep ever with Meelu

Travelling for a living means you really appreciate the time spent at home in your own bed. When we get back from a trip we are usually so tired and all we want is a good nights sleep. Lately though its been a struggle as our mattress did not leave us well rested.

We decided to do a mini makeover and the most important part was our bed as that is the main part of a bedroom. We wanted something quick and convenient that was also going give us some great sleep. That is where Meelu comes in!

How To Order

Their website is bright and fun and very easy to navigate! You can order your mattress in the size that suits you and don’t forget to add some pillow to your cart! You won’t be disappointed I promise! Once you have ordered and paid you get a tracking number. Delivery is also super fast, usually within two to three working days. Free shipping in South Africa is a nice little bonus as well! I love that the whole process is online and you don’t have to drive somewhere to go choose a mattress! To me that takes a lot of the stress and hassle out of mattress shopping.

The tracking tells you what time to expect your order and mine arrived within 15 minutes of the time they said!

Out of the box mattress

The really fun and interesting part of this mattress is not just how good it feels to sleep on. It actually gets delivered to your door in a box! I was super excited to find out how it works and I must admit I did have a fleeting vision of a very creased mattress!

This didn’t last long though and after Michael cut open the cardboard and plastic a little bit of magic happened. In no time the mattress expanded into a full blown super comfy king size! It was pretty cool to watch even though it was over in a couple of second. The pillows also come compressed and quickly expand after opening the plastic cover!

What is so special about a Meelu mattress?

So why should you buy a Meelu mattress? It might be easy to order and come in a cool box but we need more than that right? Well let me just tell you that I have had some of the best and uninterrupted sleep since changing to Meelu. Even my cats are struggling to wake me up at five by climbing over my head these days! I also love that I don’t feel a thing when Michael comes to bed later than I do, there is absolutely no movement on my side of the bed!

This is not your run of the mill foam mattress either. Meelu uses top quality foam that is tested by European standards. You will definitely feel like you are sleeping in the lap of luxury! They use four different types of foam and I have no idea how it works but it definitely does! Even Michael that has a lot of trouble sleeping has been having really good nights since we got our Meelu.



It’s so much better waking up with a smile in a space that is yours and that you love! We went for earthy tones mixed with white and put up a few pictures of our recent trip to Seychelles. Now it’s not stressful going to bed anymore. Fairy lights twinkle and the plants seem to give everything life! As I get into bed all the worries of the day just melts away. Isn’t that exactly how it should be?


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