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14 Gorgeous Engagement Spots In Cape Town

Gorgeous engagement spots in Cape Town

Cape Town is definitely a romantic city which makes sense as there are so many stunning landscapes and places to visit. So why not plan your engagement in Cape Town! It might be known for honeymooners but it sets the perfect backdrop for those dreamy engagement photos. The crowds are also definitely much less than most beautiful places in the world which is a bonus!

Here are my top engagement spots in Cape Town for anyone thinking of taking the plunge!


Lions Head

An iconic and recognisable mountain from afar, Lions head is also great for a quick hike. If you are into the outdoors and stunning views then this might be the perfect spot for you. What better place to ask the love of your life to spend eternity together than with an infinite view. The bonus is there are plenty of spots to pop the questions!

  • Rump of Lions Head – Skip the chains and walk around the side to get a quiet spot with the prettiest view of Table Mountain.
  • Watchmans cave on the path heading up. ( NOT WALLY’S CAVE AS IT IS CLOSED AND DANGEROUS )
  • At the top looking out towards the ocean

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Cape View Clifton

Cape View Clifton is a spectacular spot to stay at for a special occasion. The hotel isn’t very big which means not a lot of people around. It also has the perfect view from the pool to drink some bubble and ask that big question!

Seeing that you can’t have a photographer there without giving it away why not set up a tripod to catch the moment!

Table Mountain

On average about two couples get engaged on top of Table Mountain every month. You don’t need to worry about being in someones way though as there are plenty of pretty and quiet spots. Sunset is definitely a romantic time to head up as the sky turns dreamy and pink and everything seems a bit magical. Take the cable car up with a picnic basket to make it extra special.

Maidens Cove

One of the prettiest views in Cape Town is definitely from Maidens cove. There is just something about seeing the Apostles with the ocean lapping at their feet right? This spot isn’t over run with tourists, especially during golden hour. It is perfect for a special romantic moment!

Signal Hill

If you love Lions Head but hiking isn’t on the cards then take a drive to Signal hill. Whether you catch that early morning light or the sweet sunset tones Lions Head will always make a great backdrop for any proposal!

Boulders Beach

Penguins mate for life and they are darn cute to look at so why not incorporate that into your proposal. Boulders beach is a fun but also ultra romantic place to become engaged. Make it even better by booking into nearby accommodation like Tintswalo at Boulders for the night!

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Tintswalo Atlantic

Tintswalo Atlantic is an ultra romantic hotel hidden in one of the most beautiful areas in Cape Town. This is a place spoil and get spoiled and creating memories here will last a lifetime. The sound of the ocean tinkeling over the smooth pebbles is the only music you need when asking your special someone to get married!

Little Lions Head

If you share the love of adventure and unique spots that people don’t frequent then head up little lions head on a perfect day. The ocean is an unreal shade of turquoise from up above and the hike is short enough to leave plenty of time to celebrate after. Find a secure but beautiful rock and ask away!

Kloof Corner

A 20 minute walk and you get spoiled with some incredible views over the city and Camps Bay. This spot might be a bit busier but a great place to get proposed with friends or family around. Why not invite everyone for a sunset hike and share your special day.

Llandudno Rocks

One of my favorite “secret” spots must be the rocks on the left side of Llandudno. You need to drive to Sandy Bay area to get to them easily and the view looking back is truly unique. The best way to take a photo is by drone which would make for a pretty awesome proposal photo if want to preserve the memory.

Silo rooftop

The Silo hotel in Cape Town not only has a very interesting history but it also has some great views of the city. Book for sunset cocktails for a low key but ultra special engagement at one of the most luxurious hotels in Cape Town!

Table Bay

A sunset cruise in Cape Town is the perfect place to celebrate anything romantic. I don’t know about you but there is something about sailing that just gives me the feels!

Why not treat your special someone to a sunset cruise and get engaged with Cape Town as your backdrop!

Kirstenbosch Gardens

Kirstenbosch gardens has a magical quality which makes it a popular spot for couples. Big trees create dappled areas of shade with fragrant plants and bird sounds surrounding you. Whether you just go for a walk or stay for a picnic this will make a very memorable spot to ask someones hand in marriage.


This spot is one of my favorites in Cape Town. The vibe is relaxed and the views are great. Out of season it gets really quiet and there are plenty of rocks to enjoy the sunset on alone.. Cuddle up with a blanket and some wine and get engaged while the sun dips into the Atlantic ocean and they sky turns to fire!



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