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Tips To Grow Your Instagram Account 2019

Instagram has been a struggle recently and even more so this year. The platform keeps growing and people are desperate to keep up. Comparing yourself to other wont get you far and being envious of their likes and follows will only put pressure on yourself.

Once you let go of everyone else and have a clear goal and plan you can definitely increase your following! Don’t stress about putting up the perfect picture and don’t waste your time on engagement pods or follow / unfollow techniques. 2019 is all about being authentic and really connecting with your followers.

It’s not always easy to find your voice in a platform that seems so vast and intimidating. It might feel like a safer route to “copy” a look or feel of another account that people already love. The funny thing is most of the time if it’s not authentic people will realise and not follow you.

Just look at for example accounts you follow purely because you love their content. Why do you love it, what does it do for you? Does it teach you something, make you laugh , is it beautiful to look at or does it inspire you. These are all great reasons to follow an account and you need to figure out why people should follow you.

Here are a few things that you can do in 2019 to help grow your account

Take advantage of hashtags

Lately I have had massive success with using hashtags on my instagram photos. You can add up to thirty hashtags on a photo and if you use the right ones then you will see the increase in your overall reach. More reach means more people get to see your post and in turn you will get more likes, comments and follows!

Be relatable

No more than ever people want to see authentic relatable content. That doesn’t mean you can’t be twirling on top of a mountain with a ballgown in your photos. It basically just means you get real with your followers. Tell them the struggle of getting that shot and why you wanted to. It’s much easier to like someone that isn’t just an empty shell. Fill up your account with your personality! The easiest way to do that is by sharing on your stories.


Inspire with your photos or inspire with your words. Inspire people to try new things, to travel to new places, to be better people or just to smile! The list of ways to inspire is endless and what is the point of having a platform if you can’t do your part to make the world a better place.

Have a theme

It is great to have a cohesive colour scheme on your page ( check out this post I wrote on it ) but not necessary to have a great account. What is a must though is having an account that is 100% you. If you take one photo out of it and put it with a bunch of other photos people should immediately be able to spot yours. This is really important for growth as it makes you stand out from the rest.

Share with your captions

Captions are a way to share a little bit with your audience. You can choose to interact via a question or simply tell them something about yourself or about the photo they would not have known. This is your stage and your voice so really let that shine through.


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