Hi-Tec Gear to keep you warm and stylish this Winter

Hi-Tec to the rescue

Before embarking on our epic trip to Switzerland I was kind of freaking out about what I should wear while exploring in the snow. We get cold days in Winter but I usually don’t go hiking in super cold conditions. The last time we drove out of Cape Town to see the snow I was so ill prepared and wore trainers. My cold, wet feet almost froze off so I knew this time around I needed to be prepared.

Hi-Tec Kono Boots

I did some research and found epic hiking boots from Hi-Tec that matched all my requirements. Waterproof, cute looking and able to handle hiking! I love the furry parts and the fact that they are super comfy and really solid! I actually wore them every single day on our trip and my feet were never cold or wet. Even when I basically submerged them in snow and they kind of froze! I cant wait to test them out on a Cape Town winter as well. The mountain better be ready for me, puddles and all!

Hi-Tec Carrick Ladies Jacket

My second from Hi-Tec that I am in love with is from their new Carrick collection lifestyle range. I am a huge fan of a cargo jacket and this one is just next level for cold weather. It has a detachable hoodie ( it was great being able to take off the hoodie when I was wearing a bulky scarf ). The jacket also had a detachable inner which really came in handy! In the mornings in Switzerland it was freezing so I would have it zipped on. Later when it got hotter I would zip it off and pop it in my backpack.

Stylish and functional

Another plus for me is that both these items are really functional but they also look good. Some people might not care about the looking good part and just want something that does its job. I however love it when I can wear things in “normal” life as well as on my adventures. You get a lot more wear out of it then and it wont just collect dust till your next hike or camping trip. The fact that I had so many of you awesome ladies commenting on my instagram asking where they could get these just shows that aesthetic is important.

Where can I buy these?!

So as I mentioned I got asked this question a lot while we were traveling. Hi-Tec items can be bought either on their website or on the DUESOUTH website or stores. No excuses not to look good and go climb a mountain this Winter right!?

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