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Hiking Etiquette 101

I would say Mike and I are quite avid hikers. We love getting out onto the trails and we are always encouraging others to do the same. In my mind if you are a fan of hiking you are also a fan of nature and all things good. Apparently thats not always the case which has recently been making me feel sad and annoyed. In my mind most of the things you should and shouldn’t do while hiking is pretty common knowledge. Yet some people either don’t care or they just don’t know.

A while back a girl that was hiking up Lion’s Head in front of me placed her plastic water bottle in a crack in the rocks and carried on. I was in shock by this I could hardly open my mouth. Thank goodness I got over that pretty quickly and immediately asked her what she thought she was doing. Her reply, “everyone else is doing it” Never in my life did I want to scream at someone I don’t know as much as in that moment.

This is quite an extreme example of what not to do but there are a few more I will share from my own experience.

Hike quietly

You don’t have to whisper but as soon as we get on the trail we kind of soften our tones. Be respectful of nature and other people wanting to enjoy the sounds of it.

Don’t leave anything behind

The amount of times I have had to pick up Energade and water bottles ( sometimes even chip packets, cigarette packets etc ) while hiking and go throw it away at home is actually shocking. I have no idea how someone can just leave these things behind. If you can take it there you can surely take it back right?

Don’t take anything

This has nothing to do with your own rubbish and everything to do with nature. Leave the rocks, the plants and everything else exactly where they are. If everyone took something there would be nothing left and could have some serious consequences.

Greet other hikers

A quick nod or hi is a thing while hiking. Its easy enough to do and it never hurts to be friendly right!

Say thank you

It has happened to me so many times that I step to the side to let a person or even a whole bunch pass and not one of them says thanks. WTH do people not have manners anymore? That one actually gets me angry every time and I cant deny I have done the snotty “pleasure” when people simply ignore me as they walk past.

No music

Load blaring music from your cell on the trail? Its a definite no if you were wondering. I have seen it so many times though and I cant help but ask myself if they know what headphones are.

Pick it up

Pick up your dogs poop. I am sure your dog would if he could. End of story.

Don’t take up the whole trail

Recently a there was a big group hiking on a trail we often go on. They saw us approaching and absolutely no one moved out of our way even though they were hiking really slowly. We asked politely and still they hardly moved and we had to squish through. Don’t be an idiot, if someone is hiking faster than you then let them pass, there is no reason not to.

Have you experienced any of these and what would you add?


  • Faheem

    August 7, 2017

    Thanks so much Carlinn .. Good tips to remind us all .. Let’s hope others read it as well.. My concern is safely on our mlintsons especially when you don’t have others keen to hike with you .. And getting lost on the trails .. Hehe .. I almost got lost from Constantia Neck to Kirstenbosch Gardens ..
    Huge follower of your and Mike

  • August 7, 2017

    Wow awesome topic…. nicely appreciate your words..Yes I experienced of these things.

  • Chris

    August 7, 2017

    Great points and I definitely agree with them.

    What’s your thoughts on people using torches at night? I find it quite problematic after getting my eyes to adjust to the dark.

  • August 8, 2017

    Wow, amazing pics , amazing post really appreciated all the tips I totally agree with it. Thanks for this amazing post.

  • August 11, 2017

    First of all, let me compliment the photos, each one is absolutely gorgeous!

    Okay on to the post, I agree with you, some people just don’t have the discipline and the level on consideration when hiking. I’ve had it with people who carelessly throw their garbage away, and I’m amazed that you didn’t go on beast mode when you saw that woman doing it. The only thing I don’t agree on on this list is the music. I like it, and it’s okay with me if people put it on blast especially if I like the song.


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