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Hiking Little Adams Peak in Ella Sri Lanka

Hiking little Adams Peak in Ella is something you need to add to your Sri Lanka bucket list. The green and gorgeous mountainous region of Ella is an adventure seekers paradise with plenty of outdoor activities. Dramatic mountains with windy roads carved into the valley’s, palm tree’s and tea plantations, Ella really does have it all.

Little Adams Peak is so great because it’s an easy hike with really amazing views and it’s perfect for sunrise or sunset.

How to get to Little Adams Peak from Ella

The start to Little Adams Peak is really close to Ella main street so you won’t have difficulty finding it at all! You can easily take a tuk-tuk to the start or drive there with a driver if you aren’t staying in town.


There are plenty of signs around to show you exactly where the start is and it is quite popular. If you come during the day you will find plenty of other hikers on their way up! There is no entrance fee for going up but Little Adams Peak. If you want to though you can do a zipline near the base which costs $20.

Little Adam`s Peak is named after it’s big brother, the holy mountain Adam`s Peak, because of the similar shape. Adam`s Peak is further west in Sri Lanka, close to Nuwara Eliya, and is 2243 m high so it’s a bit tougher than this one! It is also on our bucket list if we are lucky enough to visit Sri Lanka again.

Hiking up Little Adams Peak

Hiking up Little Adams peak ( also known as Mini Adams Peak ) is not difficult at all. It is a bit strenuous though as there are a lot of stairs. During the day it can definitely get tiring going up in the heat. We did however see children and elderly people going up. We did it in about 30 minutes as we regularly hike and wanted to get to the top  but it should take about an hour with photo stops.

You start off on a winding jeep track till you get to the base where the stairs will start. From there it’s stairs up to 1141 meters which is the height of the peak. As you are not hiking from sea level it is much better than it sounds!

We headed to the second view point which you can see from the first peak. To get there you have to hike down and then up again but this time on a rocky path. It can be slippery and a bit tricky especially in wet weather so take it slow. I ended up removing my shoes as they had no grip and I was scared of slipping!

There are plenty of really gorgeous areas for photos at the top and you have a great view of the surrounding mountains.

What should you wear hiking up Little Adams Peak

Even though the hike isn’t very long or dangerous I will always suggest wearing proper hiking attire. There were people wearing sandals and normal clothes going up which is not something I recommend. If you forgot hiking clothes wear some comfortable shorts or pants with a t-shirt or vest and some runners. I was able to hike barefoot but the ground get’s really hot so this might not be an option for everyone.

Remember to take a backpack with a hat, sunscreen and water. Sometimes the humidity tricks you into thinking you aren’t burning! If you take any water or food up with you remember to take everything down again. The worst kind of hiker and tourist is one that litters! It makes me extremely sad to see people leaving water bottles along the trail. If you can take it up full you can definitely take it down empty.

Instagram photo tip – If you want a photo with a dress just pop one in your backpack and pull it on over your clothes like I did!

Where to Stay in Ella

There are plenty of amazing places to stay while exploring Ella. Here are three stunning accommodation options to suit every budget!

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Luxury – Jetwing Kuduruketha ( slightly outside Ella but worth staying at! )

Mid rangeZion view Ella

Budget – Chamodya homestay


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