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How I Quadrupled My Page Views In A Month

I quadrupled my page views in one month and I cant even believe it! Having learnt a few things while doing this I thought  I would share because sharing is caring!

Ok so recently I stumbled across my old statcounter account that I used instead of Google analytics between 2009 and 2013. Depressed is not even the word for what I felt like while looking at my stats from back then. I was clocking in over 150k uniques a month and getting 200+ comments per post. Yes I understand blogging was way more of a thing back then but still, if I could do it then I can do it now.

To be quite honest I didn’t fall off the blogging boat, I basically jumped. I pushed my blogging aside for quick fixes like instagram and even though I created a huge following on that platform I still missed blogging. I do still feel that blogging is important and I actually love doing it.

You probably didn’t click on this to read about my sob story though! Here is how I quadrupled my page views in a month!


Everything they tell you about Pinterest is 100% true! Since opening a new account, optimizing my pins and spending some time repinning I could definitely see the change! Pinterest is still in number four in terms of how much traffic it generates for my blog. I can however see a change and definite growth everyday.

I changed to rich pins, and started creating them on Canva to look good. I also joined some travel Pinterest boards and even made my own one. It seems like a lot of effort but I only spend about 15 min on it everyday which isn’t a lot.


If you have a wordpress blog I HIGHLY recommend getting Yoast plugin for SEO. Its so simple to use and only takes a few minutes per blog post to fill in things like keywords and meta data. It also helps keep your writing optimised by showing you what is wrong in your posts.

Search engine traffic is coming in at number three for me in terms of monthly traffic so I am still working hard on my content.

Post Frequently

So to actually have content worth searching for on google you need to create it! I was kind of in a mental blog block for ages. I had loads of content but I just didn’t get it out there. As soon as I started writing again though the ideas did not want to stop. I have been trying to post at least 4-5 times per week and it helps a lot with traffic.

Use Social Media

I have really been trying to use my social media platforms to their full advantage. I share my new blog posts on my instagram story ( usually using the graphic I made for pinterest ) and use the swipe up function. I also share photos or albums onto my facebook page with a link to my blog instead of just the photos like I usually did.

Facebook and instagram have actually been my two top sources of traffic for the month of August so you definitely musn’t forget about them!

Start A Mailing List

After reading on just about every single blog about the importance of having a mailing list I started one! I only have a couple of hundred subscribers that I have acquired since I started about 5 days ago. Yesterday I sent out my first newsletter and I have already gotten clicks, comments and replies from it!

I gave an incentive to join ( my favorite lightroom preset for free if you subscribe ) and I am adding discounts and other interesting extras to my newsletter.

Have you tried any of these?


  • September 1, 2017

    Thank you for this, love your blog

  • September 10, 2017

    Thanks. I usually only write sporadically since I read a lot. I will however follow your advice on the pinterest boards. I have never tried pinterest. I too use Yoast for WordPress but I have not followed much of the details of what they say. My traffic comes largely from social promotions and direct website visits. I would love to increase it by trying SEO and Pinterest this month


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