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How To Easily Edit Travel Photos on Your Phone

Editing photos might seem like a daunting task especially if you are on the go and you don’t have a lot of time. Thank goodness for us, phones have improved so much that you don’t even have to take your laptop out to get some top quality photos!

I have been loving the convenience of editing on my phone while we are travelling so I thought I would share how I do it.

Get a wifi card or a camera that has built in wifi

Ok so this isn’t a must seeing that you can get some pretty decent shots on your iphone. I personally prefer always taking my photos with a proper camera so having a wifi card has really come in handy!

A lot of cameras have built in wifi capabilities but if your’s doesn’t just get a wifi card that is compatible with your make. Then it’s as easy as installing an app on your phone and downloading all your beautiful shots easily without even having to connect to the internet.

You can download raw files or smaller versions so its great for whatever your needs are. I love using the smaller ones for quick twitter posts and the raw files for my instagram posts where I really need them to be great quality.

You can also download your photos directly form your gopro or drone. You can even get a little device called a micro sd reader for your phone that directly takes the files off the card and onto your phone. So many easy ways to get your photos fast without having to transfer them onto your computer and back onto your phone again!

Eliminating that step saves you so much time!

Instal some apps

So you will definitely need some good apps to start editing your photos but the awesome thing is most of them are free. There are add ons that you can buy but other than that everything you need to create your epic image wont cost a thing!

I have a few apps I tend to use over and over and they really work the best to create unique images.


Lightroom is my number one bae when it comes to editing on my computer or my phone. The free version for your phone really has everything you need to edit your photos and then some more. It might seem daunting when you first start editing on it but I guess  thats why presets were made right?! I must say that presets really helped me gain confidence when editing on lightroom and once I got the hang of it and started playing around I developed my own.

Sometimes I still like to edit from scratch though but most of the time I quickly slap on my favorite preset ( MP 3 from my moody pastels pack ) and tweak it till the photo looks perfect!


My second in command is Vsco. I don’t use it as much as Lightroom but sometimes you just want that vsco look on a photo so it is always good to have it on your phone. You can actually even make your own little vsco presets on the app with their new recipes function. I do however love using the app to organise my instagram feed so there’s that!  😛


Another great free one just to have for in case is Photoshop express. I really like some of the functions on it like red eye reduction and even the ability to quickly and easily add text to photos.


If you haven seen yet ( I am pretty sure you have ) adding that film grain effect to photos is very much the in thing now. If you want to quickly get that look on your phone in second then download mextures. You don’t need an old camera and lots of patience anymore, that’s for sure!

In mextures you can things like light leaks and grunge effects but for the film look you will want to go to grit and grain and add effects like slideshow or 120mm.


Ok so canva isnt really a photo editing app as such but it is great for making all sorts of cool graphics on the go Need a media kit asap, you can do it on there. Pinterest graphic, instagram story or facebook cover? All sorted! It has really made my life super easy being able to create cool graphics on the go.


What else do you need

I would definitely advise you to get a power bank, a car charger or anything else that will keep your phone charged all the time. Editing drains my battery and the last thing you want is to edit a bunch of amazing photos and then your phone dies before you can post them right?!

A couple of good presets to start you off is a must as well. There are loads online at the moment ( you can even check out mine )

See how utterly easy and stress free it is to edit photos on your phone?

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