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How To Find The Yick Cheong Building in Hong Kong

Yick Cheong Building otherwise known as the Monster Building is a housing estate in Quarry bay on Hong Kong Island. This gritty housing estate is pretty famous and has been featured in Hollywood Blockbusters like Ghost in a shell and Transformers.

How to get to Yick Cheong Building

Yick Cheong building is in an area called Quarry bay on Hong Kong Island. You can use a taxi, tram, bus or metro to get there so there are plenty of public transport options. We decided to take the bus from Central where we were staying and it was a direct line ( 722 bus getting off at Wetlands Gardens ) which took us about 12 minutes at around 2:30pm in the afternoon.

It is easy to find as soon as you know where it is but google maps will not really be your friend and will take you to an area you cannot enter at. It was pretty funny to see some random instagram looking people hovering about the street where it should be. We were walking the wrong way when a very old friendly local man came to show us the way. He didn’t even ask where we were going he just told us to follow him! I definitely found the people in Hong Kong to be really helpful!

The entrance is in the main road which is called kings road. You need to be on the same side of the road as the McDonalds. Then cross the road which McDonalds is on the corner of. The entrance will be on the side close to the pedestrian crossing!

Since October 2018 there have been huge red and white signs up saying no photos but no one seems to be bothered with those? Everyone was in my opinion though very respectful and waited in a line to get a quick photo and then leave again.


When to go to Yick Cheong Building

As I mentioned we went to Yick Cheong in the afternoon just because we had no other time available to go. I would definitely suggest going earlier in the day though. If you go in the morning the light will be better. The sun had already moved past the inside area of the building so it was difficult to get a good shot. The crowds will also be less when you go earlier! There is also the option to go at night as it looks pretty cool but I am not sure how safe the area is or what transport is available in the evenings.

How to get a good photo at Yick Cheong Building

It can be pretty overwhelming when you get to Yick Cheong building so having a plan of action for photos ( if you want to take some ) is always good. That way you can be in and out in the smallest amount of time!

  • There are big cement blocks which most people stand on to get their photos. These usually have garbage piled on the side and aren’t very pretty or clean. Getting down low to take the photo of someone standing on it works the best.
  • Cut out as much of the cement block as possible so that you get more building in.
  • A wide angles lens works the best to take photos at Yick Cheong
  • The second cement block ( the one closest to the stairs and furthest away from Kings Road ) is the best for photos.
  • Be aware of the line when taking photos at the cement block. Most people did a quick shot then hopped off again.
  • Don’t be shy to ask someone to take a photo if you are by yourself!
  • If you get there early enough standing by the stairs right at the back is another cool angle. This shot is impossible when it is busy though as you will have so many people in the background.
  • Be aware that people ( and not rich people by any means ) leave in this estate and don’t litter, be noisy, or just be a pest. Also be as quick as you can!


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