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How to get to Nusa Penida

How to get to Nusa Penida from Bali is a question I have gotten asked a lot since coming back from my trip. It is also one of the most discussed subjects on Bali groups. Before getting misinformation I am here to tell you exactly how to get to Nusa Penida from Bali. Thankfully it is a lot less stressful than you might think! When you have all the info then all you need to do is start your adventure which is definitely the most fun!

Nusa Penida is an island off the coast of Bali which has exploded into a hot spot in the last three years. The views are epic and the island is a lot more rural than Bali its self which makes it even more popular.

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Where to get a fast boat in Bali to Nusa Penida


The most popular place to get a boat to Nusa Penida is Sanur beach. This is the area with the most boat companies to choose from as well.

  • The boats depart at different times starting at around 8am and returning at latest 5pm
  • Weather will play a roll in the times that boats depart.
  • There is no pontoon here and you will have to walk into the water to get into the boat
  • The water is never higher than knee deep and there are guys to help you on and off ( there is a pontoon at the Nusa Penida harbour )
  • You can take your big luggage bags they will lift them onto the boat for you
  • You can book before you get there online ( our Bali driver booked for us at a decent rate ) or you can buy tickets when you get there to get the best price.
  • It should cost around 150k IDR per one way trip per person.

Should you do a day trip or stay over in Nusa Penida

Day trip

I for one would never suggest to take a day trip unless you are really pressed for time. Unfortunately the roads in Nusa Penida are really bad so you will spend a lot of time driving. This means limited time to explore and also you probably wont be seeing everything you want to.

You have the option of:

  • Renting a motorbike at the harbour and visiting one or two sights in one day. There is a lot of risk involved with that though. The motorbikes aren’t great and the roads are way worse. It is hot and you won’t have a lot of space to keep bags.
  • Getting a driver for the day. This might be a lot more expensive than renting a scooter but at least you will have aircon, the driver will know the roads and you might be able to see a bit more. I think it’s 100% worth it.
  • Going on a pre booked tour. A lot of the time these actually start in Bali and they will fetch you from your hotel ( you can also start them on the island ) You might have to share a car with other people though and you can’t stop where you want to like with a private driver.

Another bad thing about going for one day is that all the places you go will more than likely be crowded. The boats arrive around the same time so everyone heads out at that time as well.

Stay over

I would really recommend staying over to get a good experience when visiting Nusa Penida. Spending two nights on the island will give you the perfect amount of time to see everything.

  • We arrived at our accommodation in Crystal bay at 10:30am. This meant we could explore the Crystal bay beach and the surrounds for the first day.
  • The next day we had a private driver for the entire day. It cost us 900 IDR and he took us to all the places on the island wanted to see.
  • We departed on the morning fast boat back to Bali the next day.

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What to bring with to Nusa Penida

There are a few things you can’t forget to take with on your trip whether you are going for the day or a few days.

  • Waterproof sunscreen. Even if you don’t swim you will definitely be sweating. Waterproof sunscreen is a must for the humid weather.
  • Bug spray. The mozzies in Nusa Penida are pretty vicious and worst is we never even felt them.
  • A power bank. If you are out all day, especially on a scooter you will need a charged phone.
  • Check the weather as you might need a light rain jacket
  • Good shoes to walk up and down the endless amount of stairs and go hiking in.
  • An adventure camera like a gopro to catch all the epicness!

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