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How To Make Traveling Stress Free


Airports and traveling still gives me major anxiety even though I have been on way to many planes to remember! There are so many things to remember and usually the flights are early and the airports are full so your flying situation might not always be idle! Over the years though I have learned tips and tricks to make airports and flying an easier stress ( well semi anyway ) free event!

Here is what I do to make my experience better!

1. Whenever you can check in online and keep your ticket on your phone. If you only have hand luggage you can just go to security straight away and if you do have check in luggage you only need to go to the bag drop counter.

2. Make a list before you leave and check it twice before stepping out the door. No one wants to forget chargers, passports or anything else at home!

3. Always when possible get to the airport earlier, yes there might be delays but you never know and getting in earlier always relaxes me making the flight so much better!

4. Pack your carry on luggage really well. Save on space and take all the things that aren’t valuable or a necessity out so its easier to carry and store in the overhead!

5. Wrap your luggage if you are going on an overseas trip. This might add up but it protects your bag as well as your belongings!

6. Always start taking out your laptop etc and taking off rings and other items while standing in the security line. There is nothing worse than being stuck behind someone that only starts that process once they get to the front.

7. Check and recheck your boarding gate as that might change and once you know exactly where it will be stand up and form a line at least 10 min before boarding starts. This way you will get on the plane first ( after first class and premium members if you are not one of those ) and be able to find space for your carry on right above you on the overhead.

8. When booking your seat try and get an exit first ( sooo much leg space! ) and if you cant get that try and be to the front of the plane as much as possible as this makes disembarking easier!

Hope this little tips help make your next flight awesome! These shots were from an amazing flight on Austral Air that we took to Reunion. They had great food and service as well as a really comfy plane 🙂
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  • philippe WITZ

    October 16, 2016

    Love your article , thanks for the use of pictures on board Air Austral

    • philippe WITZ

      October 18, 2016

      Air Austral of course !


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