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How To Take Amazing Couple Photos While Travelling


A question Michael and I get asked a lot as a couple is how we manage to take photos of us as together while travelling. Its not always easy but doing it is always worth it in the end!


Grootbos-Nature-Reserve-52couples photo 3

Buy A Tripod

As a travel blogger or just traveller in general of the best purchases you can make is a tripod. We have been taking a tripod with us on trips for years and it always comes in handy. It might sometimes seem like a mission to carry it around but when you get the shots you want you know its worth it!

We usually take tripod pics in areas where we are either alone, people are quite a distance away or in safe zones when you know that no one will be able to steal your camera, especially if you are taking photos facing away from it!

If you don’t want to do the whole timer run ( because it sucks ) invest in a remote shutter. These things are so awesome for loads of reasons but for taking couples photos with a tripod its a must. The remote is small enough to easily hide while you press it so no awkward poses needed!



Ask someone to take the photo

I have to say that this is usually my last resort and something I don’t like doing often. I hardly ever get the shot I want and it always seems a little bit on the awkward side when you have to do a pose for a stranger. If you have no other choice try and ask someone with a similar camera to yours or if taking with a phone, someone that also has a dslr. This hopefully shows the person has some experience in taking photos. Don’t be afraid to ask them ( in a nice way of course! ) exactly how you want the shot and always thank them profusely no matter how bad it came out. It’s great when you travel with fellow friends or photographers that know your style and will be able to deliver the shot quickly and exactly the way you want. The shot above was taken by our friend Andy that recently went on a trip to Reunion with us.

couples photo 4

22DAF3BD-0EB2-41ED-AC5D-4D7B4A528F27 (1)couples photo 6

Gopro it up

I feel like by now almost everyone that travels has a gopro with them and if you buy a selfie stick ( the ones for gopro’s not cellphones ) you can get some pretty cool shots! Gopro photos are never my first choice but in some situations like water selfies they are a must. It gets in a lot of background as well and you can have fun with the photos. This is the easiest way for us to document our travels together and the size makes it really convenient as well!

couples photo 5 how to take couples photo 1

Those are our top ways to get a good couples photo but a lot of different things influence the quality even if you have all the equipment!

1. We avoid shooting in harsh daylight where we can although it cant always be avoided.
2. Be aware of your background especially when shooting with a gopro as it gets so much in. I always try and get little to no people in the background of our shots.
3. Test the settings first to avoid frustration and having to do the same look or pose over and over.
4. Be spontanious, sometimes it makes for the best photo
5. Don’t rush things or you make turn a special moment into an argument.

If you found this helpful please share! xx


  • August 19, 2016

    Awesome tips! I too find it difficult to have good couple pics as sometimes it’s too crowded for a tripod and other people simply can’t click good enough!

  • August 21, 2016

    Thank you for the tips. Hope to use some in upcoming travels.

    Beautiful shots BTW.

  • Ritzel

    January 18, 2017

    The perfect post I’ve been looking for! Thank you


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