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Authentic Japanese Food in Cape Town at Kyoto Garden Sushi

Kyoto Garden Sushi is a restaurant I have heard so much about but had never been to till a few nights ago. If you love Japanese food and a great atmosphere you will love it there.


They have a great cocktail menu and I just had to try their Shochu Mojito which instead of a regular spirit has Shochu which is a distilled Japanese beverage typically made from rice, barley or sweet potato. It has less alcohol than your standard vodka or whiskey which makes it a great and delicious alternative if you feel like having more than one which is exactly what I did!

We then proceeded to work our way through a selection of some of their dishes which meant we could try so much more and that always makes me happy!

We had so many different dishes ( you can have a look at their menu here ) and I cant possibly talk about every single one but they all had something in common. Everything was extremely fresh, flavoursome and light. The fish melted in your mouth, the broth was perfectly balanced and the noodles just the right side of chewy. One of my absolute favorite things though was the sesame ice-cream we had as aprt of our dessert. I have never tasted anything like and it its worth going back there just for another scoop ( or two! )

Kyoto Garden Sushi

11 Lower Kloofnek Road, Cape Town

For Bookings Please Call +27 21 422 2001

Monday to Saturday 5.30pm-11pm



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