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Little Lions Head Hike

Little Lions head is nestled in between Llandudno, Sandy Bay and Hout Bay and is basically a smaller version of Lions Head as they look almost identical. We went for our third hike to the top on Sunday and it was such a gorgeous day so I decided it would be wrong not to share some of the views with you!


What I like most about this hike is that they are hardly any people doing it so you might be at the top for hours without a single other person. The entrance is pretty difficult to find and its also behind electrified fencing so you need to press a buzzer so that security will let you in. They have a camera at the gate so they can monitor everyone as well which also makes this a nice safe hike.

The hike isn’t a very long one but the path is steep with loose rocks, thankfully its not at the edge of any high cliffs so if you fall it will only be on your bum and the only thing that will get hurt is your ego most likely! When you get right to the top its slightly more tricky with big rocks you have to climb up but once again not really dangerous if you are safe. There are some cairns to guide you at a few places but I have learnt that where ever you find a clear path you can basically get up to the top.

The views from the top are amazing for such a quick hike and you get to see the whole Hout Bay with the harbour, Karbonkel berg, Chapmans peak and even kommetjie. You can also see Llandudno and the coastal road, Sandy Bay and all the way to Constantia!

We had a delicious picnic at the top but if you decide to do that please take all your rubbish down with you as I had to pick up a water bottle and a beer can on my way down to go throw in the trash at the bottom. If you don’t have respect for nature you definitely should not be hiking!

We also had a nice chill session on our inflatable sofa from Airmate with that gorgeous view and the warm sun shining down on us! I would have fallen asleep right there is I could and  dont worry it wasn’t as dangerous as it looks!

Check out the full hiking guide here.

Michael and I also did a few Facebook lives from the top if you are interested in seeing the whole 360 view!






  • September 20, 2016

    Wow, that’s beautiful!


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