Maldives LUX South Ari Atoll { ON MY BUCKET LIST }

There is just something about the Maldives that has had me enchanted from the first time I saw photos of the crystal waters and white sand. Being as in love with the ocean as I am it has naturally been on my bucket list for a while especially the beyond gorgeous LUX resort.

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I have visited LUX Belle Mare before in Mauritius so believe me when I tell you for an experience of a lifetime this is the resort you need to visit to make your stay even more unbelievable.

Scrolling through the photos on the website has already given me wanderlust so bad that I am almost ready to pack my bags and jump on a plane right this instant.

I can see myself cocktail in hand relaxing in a bath over looking the turquoise waters of the Indian ocean or gently floating in the perfect waters while the sun plays between the clouds in the sky.

It really is stuff that dreams are made of and that you can actually turn into reality.

They have a selection of different suites and villas available but obviously the gorgeous prestige water villa stole my heart! They also have some gorgeous bars and villas for you to relax at and a spa that looks so relaxing it will sort out even the most tense person.

If you are looking for the ultimate beach holiday this is probably it in my opinion and if it wasn’t on your bucket list yet it probably is now 🙂

Check out their website for more info

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