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5 Must Visit Beaches In The World

I am pretty sure there are a lot of must visit beaches in the world but some of them are just a bit higher on the list than others! I am not including any of our gorgeous beaches in Cape Town because obviously they are the best and I will do a whole different post on them. For not however I will share with you 5 wanderlust worthy beaches that will make you want to pack your bags and go on an endless Summer trip right away!


I have been to the Caribbean but Trunk Bay located in the Virgin US islands national park is just on another level! White sand, loads of greenery and great coral for snorkelling basically makes it paradise!


For me Mozambique is a bit closer to home and easier to get to so the Bazaruto island is definitely on my must visit list. This gorgeous Indian ocean getaway has dazzling natural beauty and will make you feel like you are on your own private island paradise.


Matira beach in French Polynesia is what romantic dreams are made of.  A shallow lagoon makes it a dream for swimming and with its fine sandy beaches and lush tropical foliage i am pretty sure you wont want to leave.

Horseshoe beach is probably the most famous one in Bermuda and a very popular tourist spot for good reason. With it’s pinky white sand and crystal clear water it makes for beautiful photos and there is also loads to do and explore definitely making it one of our a must visit beaches.

Honokalani beach in Maui has sand if you want to call it that made up of tiny lava pebbles and against the blue water it looks breathtaking. Its gorgeous and unspoilt and will make you feel like an adventurer!

Have you been to any of these amazing beaches before?



  • sam travels

    August 4, 2016



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