Buy nowMY OH LA LA PRESET PACK was especially made to create a full them for your instagram feed. Remember that not everyones photos are the same light and exposure so feel free to play around with the basic settings in your lightroom to get the desired end effect.

    OH LA LA 1 – A warm tone preset that works well with shaded and sunny areas in low light. Works great with buildings.

    OH LA LA 2 – Works well with green, white and brown giving it a autumn feel.

    OH LA LA 3 – Makes blues more turquoise and greens more faded, adds pinky orange tone to highlights.

    OH LA LA 4 – Add a faded feel to your harsh beach photos. Works great with blue and green, Add more contrast for a defined look.

    OH LA LA 5 – Brightens and gives a faded beach / island feel to photos.

    OH LA LA 6 – Gives darker sunset photos more orange / pink / purple tones.

    OH LA LA 8 – Turns greens and blues into more pastel colours with a yellow tint

    OH LA LA 10 – Brightens blues

    OH LA LA 11 – Enhances browns, reds, greens and blues

    OH LA LA 12 – Enhances colours and gives a peachy tint

    OH LA LA 13 – Brightens dark sunset photos and warms up tones

    OH LA LA 14 – Brightens and warms up night time photos

    OH LA LA 15 – Brightens dark sunset photos and gives them a purple / orange tint

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