• My Otter Trail Hiking Essentials

    Recently I got given the opportunity to join a few fellow adventurers on the Otter Trail hike. This hike is one of the most gorgeous ones in the country ( or so I have heard ) and some people even call it the garden of eden. It has a few river crossings and multiple steep inclines and it takes 5 days to complete. You need to be relatively fit as well as willing to sleep in huts with your hiking group every night.

    This trail only allows 12 people on per day to keep it in a good state so you will usually have to book months in advance.

    I have only done one hike that stretched over a few days before and that was in Reunion so I am quite excited to see how this one wil measure up. We are also lucky enough to not have to carry our own food as people usually do.The rangers will be dropping off our cooler boxes at the huts everyday.

    Here are ( most ) of the items I have on my list to take with:

    1. Peaceful sleep for the annoying mozzies and other bugs, they absolutely love me!
    2. A nice warm sleeping bag
    3. OBS in case your sleeping bag isn’t nice and warm 😛
    4. Wet wipes ( they only have cold showers on the trail )
    5. Good quality hiking shoes
    6. Comfortable and durable hiking clothes
    7. Water Purification tablets
    8. A nice hiking backpack with a rain cover is ideal
    9. A headlamp for those early starts and night time loo visits
    10. Snacks because there isn’t life without snacks
    11. Energy bars
    12. A warm waterproof jacket
    13. Blow up pillow if you cant rough it 😛
    14. Survival bag for river crossings ( just in case )
    15. Cooking set, pots, utensils, a mug and a sharp outdoor knife
    16. a small gas stove and gas canisters ( we are taking three gas canisters )
    17. A small cutting board
    18. Sunglasses
    19. A First aid kit with all the necessary items ( like headache tablets etc )
    20. Sunscreen
    21. Toilet paper ( DON’T FORGET THIS 😛 )
    22. A camping towel
    23. Toothpaste and toothbrush ( soap and deo if you are feeling fancy
    24. A hat ( a cap and a beanie of you are going in cold weather like we are )
    25. A camera ( this is obviously very high on our list but a phone will do if you don’t want to schlep a camera around )
    26. Warm clothes for night time
    27. Water bottle or bladder

    I try and pack as light as possible for trips but there are some things that you cant forget so if you are planning on doing a long hike make your own list and check it a few times so you don’t forget the important stuff! Cape Union Mart is a great place to buy a lot of the things you might need for a hike like this and Jungle oats is my favorite for cereals and energy bars.

    I will do another post when we are finished to let you know what it was like and what I actually ended up needing the most! 🙂




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    1. Joie Gahum
      September 11, 2017 / 8:16 pm

      Great post! What water bottle do you use? I use roadeavour.

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