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Oude Schip Island Adventure

Oude Schip Island Adventure!


Michael and I love to go hiking on weekends. We do a few smaller hikes during the week, just up the pipe track to watch the sun set and get some exercise but on weekends we try and do awesome longer hikes. Sunday was a gorgeous day and we decided to do the Oude Schip island hike in Sandy Bay. We have done this hike twice before but this time we did a bit of a different route and it was so worth it even though there was one steep mountain we climbed up where I thought I was going to pass out. Oude schip is an awesome little island although its only cut off from the main land when its high tide and when its low its easy to just climb down the rocks and up the other side. It also has a wreck on it called the Harvest Capella. Michael made a great guide to getting there and back safely which you really need to check out if you plan on going!

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