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6 Mistakes You Are Making When Planning a Trip To Cape Town

Planning a trip to Cape Town

Planning any overseas trip can be quite daunting. Sometimes the smallest details can turn your dream vacation into a disaster. Cape town is on a lot of people’s bucket list and it is definitely worth a visit. There are however a few things you need to remember before you hop on the plant to the tip of Africa!

Booking Group Tours

Group tours can be fun especially if you are a solo traveller. To be quite honest though most of them are rushed affairs that only take you to tourist hotspots. I feel that most group tours really strip away the fun of traveling. Unless you have no other option avoid them like the plague! Rather book an airbnb experience or make friends with locals. This way you will have more time, see better places and have a totally different and enjoyable experience!

My favorite thing about not being in a group is that I can take my time, eat where I want to and not feel bad about it!

Staying in the wrong area

If you don’t know the city it is easy to book somewhere that isn’t the greatest. In Cape Town you want to be central but also somewhere with a vibe. I would avoid staying in the city centre as well as outlaying suburbs like Durbanville, Blouberg or Rondebosch.

Rather look for places on the Atlantic Seaboard ( not further than Camps Bay ) in Gardens or Tamboerskloof when planning a trip to Cape Town. These areas have great places to eat and loads to do on days you don’t feel like going anywhere far. They are close to the beach and the mountains as well.

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Not taking the weather into account

Cape Town can really have four seasons in one day so you need to pack well when visiting. It can go from foggy in the morning to perfect midday and then crazy windy in the afternoon and just driving ten minutes in the opposite direction it will be different. Even if you visit during Summer always pack jackets and don’t forget your swimwear in Winter!

Missing out on the winelands

There are loads of places in and around Cape Town you definitely cannot miss. The winelands is probably the top one though. Cape Town is known for it’s wine and that isn’t even the only reason to visit places like Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Paarl and more. The food, the history and all the stunning wine farms is something you need to experience when visiting. When you are planning your trip to Cape Town you can even add an overnight stay in the winelands to maximise the time spent there.

Not booking a rental car

Cape Town can be easy to get around if you are only planning on staying close to town. There is uber as well as a pretty good bus system. However it get’s tricky if you want to do things a bit further away. No one wants to get an uber for a day trip! Getting to places like Boulders penguin colony, Cape point and Stellenbosch is really easy when you have a car. That means you can stop along the way and go at your own pace.

The roads are pretty easy to navigate and google maps will get you wherever you need to be!

Going for less than a week

In my opinion you really need more than a week in Cape Town. Not only is there loads to do close to the city, there are also plenty of day trips. You can go on safaris, visit lagoons, forests and so much more just by driving a couple of hours outside of town.


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