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5 Mistakes You Are Making When Planning A Trip To Iceland

Planning a trip to Iceland

Iceland is definitely a bucket list destination with so many people dreaming about visiting. If you are lucky enough to be planning a trip to Iceland then you wont want anything to spoil your visit! Here are a few things you might not think about before hopping on the plane to go see what Iceland has to offer!

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Not stocking up on some essentials

You might be making mistakes before you leave by not packing some essentials. Here are a few things that might not be on your list that should be!

Rainproof everything

The last thing you want is to be caught in the rain ( or even near a waterfall ) without rainproof boots and a jacket at the very least. Being soaked to the bone is never fun especially if you are far from your car or accommodation.

Easy to prepare food

If you are on a budget or you are going to be camping in Iceland it is sometimes wise to bring your own food packed food. Things like instant oats and noodles are light and are great in a pinch.

Thermal underwear

Another essential to pack if you are camping is thermal underwear. It can get really cold and even in the warmer months you might need them at night.


You might be going in Winter and not have swimsuits on your mind. You will however need them in Winter or Summer if you want to go to any of the hot springs and the blue lagoon.

Forgetting to book the blue lagoon in advance

The blue lagoon might look dreamy and empty on instagram but usually it is pretty busy. Booking in advance is a necessity otherwise you might just miss out. It also saves money as you can get a lot of good online deals.

Sometimes they might be booked up for as long as a month so get those tickets as early as you can!


Skipping Northern Iceland

You might be tempted to stick to Reykjavík and surrounds but it is really worth it visiting the Northern part of Iceland.

Here are a few things you can do in the North:

  • Whale watching in Húsavik
  • Visit Dettifoss – Europe’s most powerful waterfall
  • Go to Hverir Geothermal Area
  • Climb inside Grjótagjá lava cave
  • Visit the the Pretty Fishing Village of Siglufjordur
  • Experience Akureyri – the ‘Capital of the North’

Booking the wrong car

Renting a car in Iceland is definitely a good idea. It gives you the freedom to choose your own route and the flexibility of doing things at your pace. Not to mention that Icelandic roads take you to some out-of-this-world landscapes! The roads are also great and it is pretty simple to get around to all the sights. You need to be completely aware of the conditions you will be driving in and what you want to do. Luckily most places are easily accessible during Summer but this might not be the case in Winter. You might also not be used to driving in those weather conditions.

I would 100% exploring the option of getting a 4×4 type vehicle or something nice and sturdy when planning a trip to Iceland.

Underestimating the weather when planning a trip to Iceland

The weather in Iceland is unpredictable at best. The Winters are long and cold and the Summers are short and warmer… It is always a good idea to know exactly what can happen during the time of year you are going. This is almost everything so be prepared. You might have some great days and you might have some cold horrible days. Embrace all of these just like the Icelandic people do and you won’t be disappointed.

Pack accordingly, don’t make too many set plans ( except the blue lagoon! ) and be safe especially in Winter.



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