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Platbos Forest Getaway

Recently we I got spoiled by Michael with a romantic Valentines day trip to the utterly gorgeous Platbos forest nature reserve in the Gansbaai area just outside Cape Town.

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I had no idea what to expect other than camping and one small cabin in the middle of an indigenous forest and I was totally blown away when we arrived. Platbos translates as flat bush and I thought it was such a fitting name. When we looked down into the valley where Platbos should be all I could see was fynbos or so I thought!

A dirt road led us to the unsuspecting entrance and we drove a winding road through the forest to get to our home for the next two night, the Bush Buck Suite. There is also a smaller Honey Bee suite and a general camping are with a teepee and some tents if you are going in a bigger group. All the areas are far enough away from each other so you still feel totally isolated and surrounded by nature.

The Bush Buck suite was just absolutely amazing and its everything you would want from a cabin in the woods. You have a massive and very comfy canopy queen sized bed as well as an inside fireplace, a big kitchen table and a gas burner. The whole front of the tented cabin can open up and the roof is see through which ads to the experience. The bathroom is outside the cabin and has a flush toilet as well as a hot shower thanks to a donkey outside.

We settled in for our first night with bird songs slowly fading into night time quietness and had a braai (BBQ) outside while drinking in the feel of nature.

The next day we explored the forest which is absolutely magical with green mossy trees of all shapes and sizes some thousands of years old, tiny birds chirping everywhere and even a labyrinth hidden in the middle packed with seashells as the forest was once right next to the ocean.

This is such an ideal location for a romantic getaway when you want to leave all technology at home ( there is no electricity ) and just relax and unwind.

I was more than a little sad when it come time for us to leave but we promised we would be back again because its the type of place you want to go to over and over again.

You can read more about Platbos and what they offer on their website.

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