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Q&A With Campsbaygirl

What gear do I use

This is a question I get asked a lot! We add new gear from time to time but this is what we mostly use when traveling

  • Canon 5D Mark iii
  • Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L USM lens
  • Gopro 5 Hero Black
  • DJI Mavic Drone
  • Gopro Karma grip
  • iphone 7+ ( for insta stories! )

What do I use to edit

I edit all my photos on Lightroom first. I import them in raw and use either my presets for them which is super convenient or I  create a new look or preset.

If anything needs fixing in photoshop I will do that second. This is mostly when I want to clean up an image a bit. For example removing people or things I don’t want in my shot. Usually I don’t have to do it that often but its a nice skill to have!

Lastly I airdrop the hi res photo to my phone and pop it into VSCO. This is just to see what it will look like on my feed and if it will work.

Sometimes I do a last bit of editing on instagram before I post it. Mostly brightening or adding a bit of contrast.

My favorite place I have traveled to

Ohhhh this is always a difficult question. I usually reply with the next place I am going 😛 Which is an island btw so I know I will love it! I lived in Malta which I absolutely loved! Sicily and Switzerland were also two of my favorites!

Who is my travel inspo

I don’t have a specific person that inspires me. Its more like a combined effort from everyone I see online! Different things inspire me all the time. Recently I watched a film called Given and it was so so amazing! It made me want to get out and travel in a more conscious way.

How did I start blogging

I started blogging about ten years ago when we moved to Malta. I couldn’t work with my SA passport so I decided to start a blog which at the time focused on beauty and fashion. It has evolved to travel over the years.

I probably blogged for about 4 years without making money or getting anything in return but I loved ( and I still do ) every minute of it!

How many countries have I visited

Spending most of my life at the tip of Africa its not always the easiest ( or cheapest ) to visit new countries. I have been very fortunate to be able to go to quite a few places but there are soooo many more I still want to visit!

South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Dubai, UK, Malta, Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Switzerland, US ( airport haha so it doesn’t really count! ) Bahamas, Costa Rica, Mauritius, Reunion Island, Costa Rica

What are my top three travel experiences

Hiking a glacier in Switzerland

Jet skiing in a thunder storm in the Bahamas

Jumping off a stadium in Durban at the highest rope swing in the world

What place is number 1 on my bucket list

The world 😛 Haha no jokes but also seriously it changes everyday! It could be Norway today and Santorini tomorrow!

How do I take photos in crowded areas

So after years and years of experience I feel way better taking photos or doing videos with people around. My top priority though is to not get in the way of other people or “hog” an area. A lot of the time we will find an alternative quieter area to get a different shot as everyone else. If thats not possible I wait my turn and I am always apologetic. If there are people that aren’t moving from a spot or that are in my photo I will very nicely ask them to move for a second so I can take my photo.

The second tip is to just think about the photo, don’t concentrate on anyone else. I have had men ( even with Mike taking the photos! ) say things to me while doing shoots. I simply ignore them because getting that perfect shot is way more beneficial to me than getting embarrassed. Also try and have fun and be relaxed, it actually makes everything feel better. I laugh at myself, do silly dances etc which makes the whole thing seem less serious.

You will most probably never see any of those people again and I am pretty sure most of the time they either don’t care what you are doing or they wish they could also get that pic!

Do we always travel together

So Mike and I love traveling together but we don’t always do it. I have been to Dubai by myself and used to travel from Malta to Cape Town alone a lot. Mike has been soooo many places without me before and after starting blogging. He worked in online poker so he has gone to Vegas, Miami, Norway, Prague and a few other places by himself. Last year he also visited Iceland and a few African countries without me.

We get way better content though when we are together so we don’t actually try and plan solo trips!

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