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Qlippie Live Camera

Recently I got a little action camera called Qlippie┬áLive Camera and it has fit into my life and my pocket perfectly! This small camera doesn’t only look great with interchangeable stickers to dress it up with but it also packs a big punch in the tech department.

What I love about my Qlippie:

1. Its small enough to take anywhere in my pocket
2. The photo and video quality is great
3. It has a 32GB built in fast memory
4. The quality of the photos and videos are great and you can download the hi res on the go!
5. You can connect to your social platforms to go live which is so great!
6. You can buy waterproof housing, suction cups and other mounts for it.
7. It has a clip at the back that you can attach to your clothing or backpack to get video and photos on the go.
8. Built in filters make editing a breeze.
9. There are time-lapse and slow mo functions.
10. It has a wide angle lens that prevents distortion by 50%!

There are definitely so many things to love about this tiny camera, especially its price!

Check out more on their website.


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