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Why Rehidrat is Essential When Hiking

If you follow my blog then you know how much I love the mountains and especially hiking them. In Summer Michael and I are usually at the beach or on a mountain, or better yet on a mountain with a beach view! Hiking in hot weather isn’t the easiest though and it can also sometimes be a bit risky if you aren’t prepared. We have luckily been on enough adventures to know exactly what to pack and one of our most important items we always have alongside water is Rehidrat.

A little sachet of Rehidrat could be a lifesaver when you are on a mountain, sometimes a couple of hours away from anything. We went on a pretty chilled hike over the weekend but at the halfway point we decided to take a different route, up the side of a steep mountain. I knew I had enough water but with the sun pounding down I started to feel a bit dizzy so I quickly had some Rehidrat mixed with water. Not only did it give me a bit of an energy boost but it kept me feeling great for the rest of the hike.

Michael first got me on to drinking it as he spends a lot of time outdoors, he especially used it when he was out in the desert in Ethiopia a view months back and says without it he would have been a lot worse off.

There are so many other situations that you could use it for so I always tell people to keep a sachet in every bag and their first aid kit! Whether you go to the beach, an epic festival or even a tropical island there is always going to be space for a few packets of Rehidrat as you never know when you, or someone else might need it!

Have you used Rehidrat before?

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