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Road Trip On Route 62 With FORD SA

Last year September the South African instagram community met up for an awesome instameet in the historical town of Graaff Reinet. We decided to make a road trip out of it, exploring some gorgeous areas in South Africa along the way. FORD sponsored us an awesome Ranger ( our dream car ) for the trip which meant we got where we wanted to be in style and safely of course. It also gave us enough space for all our camping goodies as well as two friends who joined on our adventure. The first area we drove through that I had never been before was Route 62.


This stretch of road between Cape Town and Oudtshoorn is beautiful and I cant imagine why we hadn’t driven that way before. Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of time to stop but I will definitely be back to properly explore it soon.

Our main stop was in the unique town of Barrydale, which I could have explored for so much longer. It had the coolest little shops and restaurants with photo taking opportunities around every corner.

We also stopped at the very famous Ronnie’s sex shop for something cold to drink. This tiny pub collects memories and people with photos, underwear and other goodies hanging from every possible area and names scribbled all over the once white walls. We struggled to find a bit of space for our names but we did manage in the end. Michael even gave a passport photo that now resides on one of the beer taps in the bar!

Road trips are one of my favorite things in the world. I love staring out the window and watching places go by never knowing what you might find or see.

This was only the first bit of our amazing journey from Cape Town to Graaff Reinet and I cant wait to show you the rest!


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