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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 On Safari

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has made quite a splash in the tech world and its not difficult to see why. It has everything you could want from a smartphone all rolled into one super sleek package.

As someone that is always on the go its really important for me to have a great device that I can work on. I need to constantly update my social, take photos, make videos and stay on top of my emails. I recently took my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with on Safari and it was just the right companion to have with me in the bush.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Larger Than Life Screen

I am all for more screen space and with the infinity display on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 its much easier to see what you are doing especially when it comes to editing photos. The great thing is, its not so big that you cant handle it. The phone still fits easily in my hand and even on the bumpy game drives it was no problem to hold it and take photos.

Crisp and clear photos

So like almost everyone these days the thing I do with my phone most is take photos. I got to really put it to the test by taking photos of animals on our safari. One of the reasons the photos came out so well was that the dual camera supports 2x optical zoom. This means you get sharp photos or videos even from a distance, and both cameras have optical image stabilisation so you get steady shots even when zoomed in. I could zoom in on the giraffe and still get an epic instagram worthy shot! Cool right?

Check out more of what the super powerful camera can do here.

The S-Pen for to make everything easier

If you thought this phone couldn’t pack more of a punch you are wrong. You can now draw, make animated gifs, annotate and make notes with the really cool S-pen! Its definitely more than just a pen and I love how I can quickly scribble something down, like the name of an animal our guide mentioned. Without even opening the phone! Safari journaling just got a lot more fun!

Do bigger things with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Running my business has gotten so much easier with the help of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Everything is faster, easier and more convenient, especially when using Bixby which has become my go to virtual assistant. I get more done when I travel which makes me want to do more and gets everything done faster so I also have time to enjoy!


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