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Seychelles { ON MY BUCKET LIST }

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Most of the time I am craving blue water, sunshine and white sandy beaches! We have all of those in Cape Town our water is mostly on the freezing side and its just not as lush and tropical as I would like my getaway spot to be ( also how can you relax somewhere you actually live right? )

I have been on a few islands in my life, and I will never forget my first time obviously 😛 We flew from Miami airport into Nassau and then drove to the gorgeous paradise island in the Bahamas. From that moment I was totally hooked and since then I have been lucky enough to live on the Mediterranean island of Malta as well as visit Mauritius and Reunion in the Indian ocean.

For my next island adventure I am craving to go to the Seychelles. It looks like the perfect place to escape and relax! I also love that they are a world leader in sustainable tourism which is something I have been researching more and more since I have been traveling a lot recently.

There are 16 of the 115 islands that offer accommodation which means some island hopping would totally be in order in my opinion! Its another one of those great places that is so diverse that there is always something awesome to do from hiking to water sports, exploring the towns and then obviously also just relaxing on the beach. I can actually just close my eyes and imagine being totally alone on a pristine beach with only the soft sound of the ocean around me. Sounds like absolute bliss am I right?

My lust for the island life has just been made worse by following some of the stunning hotels on the island on instagram which obviously means they are doing everything right!

Beachcomber Seychelles

Four Seasons Seychelles

Constance Lemuria Seychelles

Have you been?

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  • January 10, 2016

    I have Seychelles also on my bucket list, have to visit it!


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