Sparkle Lightroom Preset Pack

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The Sparkle pack contains 8 magical presets for low light/sunset shots and works especially well with bokeh and sparklers. Lots of purple, turquoise and golden tones.

Each Lightroom preset has been created to look great with a wide variety of images and are fully adjustable.

8 Lightroom presets.
Compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6
Compatible with both Mac and PC.
Works on RAW and JPEG images ( high resolution images give the best results )
Fully adjustable.

Lightroom presets can only be used in Adobe Lightroom on your desktop and won’t work in Photoshop.

Once payment is made you can download the Lightroom presets instantly.

Use the #campsbaygirlpresets when using these on social for a chance to get featured on my IG stories, twitter or facebook page!

So Soft

Works best with low light photos taken inside, great for those bedroom sparkle shots. Adds brightness and purple/blue tones.


Create a golden light for that last bit of sunshine as it dips into the ocean. Works great if you have something darker in the foreground.

So Sweet

Brightens and adds purple tones to sunset pics that are a bit dark.


Add a matte effect and subtle colour to create a moody sunset shot from one that might have been a bit overexposed.


Great for low light images that have lots of blue and brown.


Intense purple, orange and blue colours for sunset shots, especially great with sparklers or lights


A blue/brown toned matte preset great for low light indoor shots.

Cotton Candy

Pretty colours for beach sunsets. Intensifies cloud and ocean colours to create a bright sweet photo.

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