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How To Start A Blog With Bluehost

A question I get asked quite often is how to start a blog and today I thought I would go through the very first step with you. Getting your site hosted might sounds scary but its actually really quick and easy!


With this super simple tutorial I will show you how to get your blog hosted with so you can start posting right away!

Sign up for a Bluehost account

The first really easy thing you will need to do to get the ball rolling is to sign up for a Bluehost account. You wont need to pay anything right away but remember to have your credit card handy to use when you check out.

Get your domain

Next up you can either enter you new domain name ( for free! with Bluehost ) or you can type in your domain name if you already have one. Your domain name is really important and needs to work well for your blog and brand!

Enter your account info & choose your package

The next step will be to enter your account information. Remember to answer everything correctly and double check it! After you are done with that it is time to choose your hosting package.

Hosting is usually is priced at 12, 24 and 36-month terms. This is to help you help save you money if you pay for a few months. If you sign up HERE you can get the awesome $2.95 rate I am offering my readers!

After you have chosen the package that works for you it’s time to fill out your credit card details and make the purchase. Everything is 100% secure ,don’t worry about this step!

Create a password

Create a really good secure password for your account and finish up! Now you can log in and get started with the good stuff!

Get your blog up and running

Now all the fun stuff begins! You can pick a theme and create your wordpress site all within a few minutes! It’s so easy with the help of Bluehost to get your site online today!


This is definitely the most convenient way to get hosting and start your blog all in one! 


  • Cee

    June 30, 2018

    Great post. Do you use Bluehost yourself? And do they migrate sites from WordPress?


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