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Staying At Lion Sands Tinga Lodge

Lion Sands Tinga Lodge in Kruger National Park was the last place we stayed at when we went on our recent 10 day safari. We spent a glorious three days enjoying everything it had to offer.

Lion Sands Tinga Lodge

The Lodge is absolutely breathtaking, sitting right on the Sabi River. You get views of Elephants walking by while having lunch and otters and hippos playing in the water while enjoying breakfast. Its a really special place where every night feels magical and everyday bring new surprises!

There are 9 Suites as well as a two bedroomed villa. The suites have private plunge pools and ours also had a view of the river down below. I loved the spacious suite with the absolutely huge bed! I literally fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow each night.

The lodge has a beautiful bar area as well as its own swimming pool where elephants walk right past! It also has a deck with a tree in the middle that looks like an absolute fairyland at night. Even the wind couldn’t deter Michael and I from eating our dinner under the stars at night!

Game Drives

This was the first lodge where we had a guide and a tracker on our vehicle. It was really fun watching them communicate and obviously spot some epic game for us! We saw leopards, giraffes, lion and loads of buck and antelope on our drives. We also saw so many elephants everywhere which always made me smile. The guides were full of funny stories and and answered all our questions.

My favorite drive was the one where we saw two leopards in a tree. They were trying to mate but the male was having none of it ( yet ) and the female was doing everything in her power. It was really special to watch even though I got a fright every time they had a go at each other. After all that adrenaline we weren’t expecting another surprise but Tinga Lodge had one for us anyway. They had set up a gorgeous pre breakfast bar for us at the river with champagne and crepes!

Check out more on their website.



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