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From My Suitcase – MRP Off Shoulder Dress

I am not sure how many of you know this but I started blogging more than 8 years ago about fashion and beauty and I only closed that site a few months ago to start focusing on my main passion of travelling. I do however still love a good bargain or a pretty dress and definitely a hat or two! I get asked a lot by my female followers ( sorry guys! ) about my clothes, or what to wear on certain trips like safaris. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to include a little fashion post here and there for those who are interested.

When we went on our long road trip recently I didn’t give myself a lot of time to pack so I scrambled before we left and grabbed loads of weird outfit combinations. I am not sure if it ever happens to you but its the worst to get somewhere and realise you have nothing to wear or maybe nothing appropriate. The second night of our trip before we headed to the beautiful Wild Coast we stopped over in a big city to go stay with family. I quickly wanted to pop into their local mall to buy a bottle of wine and some flowers but I got a bit side tracked. I saw one of my favorite affordable stores called MRP and popped in for a quick look.

I am so glad I did because I ended up finding this off shoulder dress on sale for R50 ( about $4 ) and I quickly grabbed it, and a few other things I couldn’t resist haha! Looking back I cant even imagine what I would have worn if i didn’t find some extra goodies. The dress also turned out to be perfect for all the locations on the wild coast we were visiting and I even blended in pretty well with the cows and horses. You can check out those photos on my instagram account!

These photos were taken at the beautiful Trennery’s Hotel where we stayed for two nights. This particular day a big storm had rolled in and was almost at breaking point near sunset when we quickly went down to grab a few shots. It might look cold but it definitely wasn’t so I wore this dress to dinner as well.

I also love how my new MAC lipstick compliments the colour of the dress. This one is Viva Glam Taraji P Henson and its the prettiest fuchsia colour. I lasted all through dinner as well which is quite a thing as we were eating prawns and oysters!

Have you ever packed uhe completely wrong clothes for a trip?

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