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5 Summer Road Trip Essentials

Here are some Summer road trip essentials that we cant go without when we head out on our adventures. We tend to go on a lot more road trips when the weather is warm here in Cape Town and seeing that its almost that time of year I thought you might want to see what we always have with us.


A good playlist

There is no way I would want to drive anywhere without some good music and making a playlist for our trip is always a top priority. I love adding sing along songs while Michael loves some more chilled tunes. We have a nice mix with a lot of songs so we don’t listen to the same few ones on repeat the whole time. If you have a USB, bluetooth or auxiliary point you can load songs onto your phone which is super easy or stick some albums on a memory stick. You wont always have radio signal and it can get really irritating changing the station all the time.



Whether you use google maps, an actual map or a GPS you need to know where you are going even if you really don’t. The notion of getting lost might seem romantic or adventurous but it will most likely lead to bickering and frustration when you are sitting in the middle of nowhere.



Snacks are my favorite part of a road trip and I take them really seriously! In South Africa we call road trip snacks “padkos” which directly translates to roadfood and thats exactly what you want. Biscuits, water, sandwiches and some gummy sweets are always good choices but basically anything that is easy to pack and obviously delicious is a go in my book.


First aid kit

This doesn’t seem like a fun one but I have had to give plasters, headache tablets, suncream and so many other things to people before that forgot to bring anything like that. A first aid kit is as essential as an extra wheel when you head out on the open road, especially in Summer!


A camera

For us its a given to have most of our car space allocated to our gear. We are always travelling with three cameras, a drone, a gopro and everything that goes with having those toys. I cant imagine going on a road trip and not snapping some epic pics along the way. Your phone will do in a pinch but I would totally recommend investing in a good camera to capture your summer road trip memories. Something I have also enjoyed taking on our trips is my instax. Its great for capturing random little memories that you can stick in a scrapbook or on your fridge when its all over.


  • Robbie

    September 29, 2016

    Road trip snacks are the best!


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