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Summer With Cotton On Body

I am definitely a sucker for a cute swimsuit and when I saw what Cotton On Body had in store I just knew I needed some for our Seychelles trip.

Cotton On Body Swimwear

My favorite bikini I got from Cotton On Body has to be the scoop bralette one. I love the fit and although you can get them in different colours the stripe one is just so fun!

The great thing about the range this year is that you can mix and match a lot. If you don’t find the bralette top I am wearing flattering for your body there is also a triangle top available in the same pattern. This ensures that everyone can feel confident that they will find a style to suit them. I love options and I also got a pink triangle top that I can match with these bottoms as they have the same colour pink.

This Summer they are also playing with ruffles, patterns and shapes. All the designs and prints are unique as well and designed by the Cotton on Body team in-house.

I definitely felt confident having fun on the beaches in Seychelles with these cute swimsuits. The really awesome thing about them is that they also have lining on the inside. I even wore my bralette with shorts when the weather got way to hot to handle!

Helping the environment

Something that always saddens me when I visit island locations are the coral reefs. Coral bleaching due to Climate change is such a real thing and something we cant ignore. Over fishing, pollution and many other factors are putting our oceans in danger. Cotton on Body decided to shoot their latest range at the Great Barrier reef to create awareness for this. I absolutely love it when brands get involved in a cause. As a massive fan of the ocean and all things in it this really makes me happy!




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