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10 Photos that will inspire you to visit Switzerland

Visit Switzerland

Switzerland is a magical little country, packed to the brim with beautiful places. I was lucky enough to explore parts of it earlier this year and since then I cant wait to go again. 

I cant believe the amount of natural beauty in one place. Ten photos might not do it justice it is however just enough to get your wanderlust going!

“Switzerland took my breath away on more than one occasion”


Staying in Switzerland for seven days allowed us to see some spectacular things. Sitting in gorgeous trains watching the quaint villages and icy lakes go by was magical. Eating cheese in an igloo was a once in a lifetime experience for us. Hiking a glacier with insane views was just unbelievable. We played in the snow, swam in heated pools and watched cascading waterfalls and it was all just incredible. With so many things to do in such a small area it really is a great place to go.

If you are a photographer its basically heaven with different landscapes around every corner. If you visit Switzerland with a camera in hand you will be sure to come back with so many photos!

We only touched the tip of what there is to explore and I was already left awestruck. Thats the kind of place Switzerland is.

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