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The Perfect Picnic Spot on Signal Hill

The perfect picnic spot isn’t always on the beach and recently Michael and I had a lovely sundowner session on top of Signal Hill.


Signal Hill gently slopes from Lions head and divides the city center from the suburb of Sea point. It has a long road that can take you all the way to the end with trails and views for days. It can get pretty busy in season but we went on a icy Friday afternoon and we hardly saw anyone else which made it quite magical. There are a few viewpoints along the road and we choose one with a bench that looked out of Sea point.

The reason we were having a sunset picnic is because Mr D Food ( or as we all know it Mr Delivery ) sent Michael an awesome box of goodies for us to use to watch a special sunset together. They must have known cheese and wine is my ultimate weakness and we had a great time eating our delicious snacks before the sun dipped below the horizon and it suddenly felt like my hands were made of ice.

They sent Michael the pack to introduce their new app and new look and I am so glad they did. We like getting take out on weekends sometimes but if you are in the mood for takeout you are more than likely not in the mood to drive anywhere. We installed the app right away and ordered our dinner in about 2 minutes. The app is really cool because it tells you when the restaurant received the order, when it gets picked up and then when the delivery guy is at your place. So convenient and easy and it took under 50 minutes for our food so we chilled had a glass of wine and viola our food arrived hot and delicious.

I cant think of a better way to spend a chilled Friday evening with your bae, can you? 



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