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This Couple Turned a School Bus Into A Home On Wheels

Expedition happiness is doing something that all of us probably only dream about and their story is just to inspiring not to share!


Imagine renovating an old school bus into a very stylish one bedroom apartment on wheels? Well that is exactly what one couple did, and now they are taking their mobile home on a road trip all the way from Canada to Argentina!

I don’t know about you guys but I have always had the urge to get some kind of van and fix it up so that its a mini house on wheels. There is something about the freedom of going where you please and having everything you need with you that just speaks to me. I will probably never end up doing this though, I don’t think our cats would be as cool on the road as their dog is but its still a nice fantasy and maybe on a smaller scale it could be great for weekend camping trips!

I love how traveling has become a way of life for a lot of younger people. I see more and more people leaving their full time jobs and either visiting as many countries as they can or being nomads on the road working remotely from wherever they are. Its such a cool new way of living and although its obviously not for everyone its a great way to live if you cant be bothered by the norms of society. No one is telling us that we have to get married, buy a house, have a stable job and have a few kids anymore and its refreshing to see people embracing the out of the box lifestyle.

If you want to check out how awesome they made it all by themselves then check out the video below from their youtube channel that gives you a tour of their awesome new home.

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