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Tips For Keeping Your Hair Looking Great While Traveling

Recently I went through a kind of hair crisis. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to let it grow out or keep it blonde. At one point I was stuck for time before a trip and ended up doing a DIY. BAD IDEA! I chose the wrong box colour and ended up with what I “lovingly” referred to as my orange helmet.

I ended up living in hats and it was getting really old really fast. Action needed to be taken and quickly before my hair turned into its own three coloured flag.

Thats were Scar Hair and the lovely Brittny came to my rescue. I have a few trips coming up and she assured me she could fix the mess that is my hair so I can leave the hats behind!

Traveling is a big part of my life and it can play havoc with your hair even if it’s healthy. I asked Brittny for some advice on how to keep your hair in tip top shape while on trips.

Brittny is a hair colourist and brand associate at Scar Hair. She has 15 years experience, specializing in blondes, balayage and colour corrections. She was definitely the perfect person to transform my hair ( I almost cried when she was done with me! )

What is your number one tip travelling somewhere humid?

Aaaah the dreaded holiday frizz!!! Personally I just let my hair do its thing when it’s humid, I wash it with a smoothen shampoo and conditioner, load it up with leave in blowdry lotions and conditioners and let it curl and frizz naturally. I really embrace holiday hair.
Obviously not everyone is like me so I’d suggest using a smoothen shampoo and conditioner to smooth down the cuticles of the hair, definitely an anti frizz serum to blowdry with and an anti humidity seal or spray to finish off the look

And if the weather is dry?

Dry and hot weather calls for some serious heat and hair protection. Just like you apply sunscreen to your body you should be applying something to your hair. Wella SP has the most amazing new range to keep your hair looking and feeling great during the hot summer months. I would recommend using Wella SP Sun UV Protection Spray which rehydrates thirsty summer hair whilst protecting against UV damage. Also try and wear a hat to protect your hair colour from fading from the sun

What hair products do you personally travel with?

I never travel without a heat protector, my favourite one is Trilliant from Sebastian and my new favourite hairspray is Bedroom Hair from Kevin Murphy, it’s a texturizing hairspray and right now I’m on day 5 of not washing my hair (gross haha) but thanks to this amazing product it looks and smells amazing!!! Also I always take an argan oil or luxe oil with me on my travels

What is your top bad hair day tip while traveling?

Best advice I can give for a bad hair day is to go with a wet look. So quick and easy to do and always looks good on everyone provided you’ve used the right products. My 2 favourite  products for  this are Evo’s gangster grip and easy tiger mixed together.

My 5 tips for keeping my hair looking great while traveling:

1. Get your hair done by a professional before you leave on your trip. Especially if you get a treatment or a colour touch up it will probably last through your trip.
2. If your hair is looking a bit lacklustre curl it. If my hair is a bit limp after day two I curl it and it seems to come to life again.
3. Braids and other cute hairstyle can save you when you are in a pinch
4. Don’t wash your hair everyday and if you swim in saltwater leave it for some mermaid vibes!
5. Dry shampoo can be your friend and so many situations! Pack a travel size one where ever you go.

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