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8 Travel Blogger Assumptions Get Answered

Ok so we have definitely all been guilty of making assumptions about people, place and even jobs! I have been a blogger for more than ten years now and going from beauty to fashion to travel I have heard every single assumption about what people think we actually do.

Sometimes it is pretty frustrating but I always take it with a pinch of salt and try and educate people! I for one love reading travel blogs to get tips for my next destination or just being in utter wanderlust when seeing gorgeous images online. As someone that was traveling way before travel blogging was a thing I must tell you it is way better having some good info on hand to avoid dramas!

Here are some assumptions that people have about travel blogging

We are always on holiday

I definitely wish that one was true! It might look like a holiday but would you sit editing images till well after midnight on holiday? Would you use your precious holiday time to capture photos of the inside of an hotel rather than splashing around in the pool? I wouldn’t and I am pretty sure you wouldn’t either!

We usually only go on an actual holiday about once a year. That is our time to ( kind of ) switch off and not have any pressure to create content or share anything. If it sounds like I am being a moaner in this post I probably am haha! But in all seriousness I am beyond privileged to be doing this for a living but it isn’t all people might think it is so before you quit your comfy, steady income desk job for the “perfect life” take a step back and read this.

All our trips are free

Ok so who in their right mind would randomly send people on free trips? I am guessing absolutely no one because unless you are the most generous person ever it’s just not a vibe. No trip is free and the awful part is hardly any of them are paid for!

Most trips work on a trade exchange level where you give a certain amount of deliverables to basically cover the cost of the trip. Let’s say the trip is worth $500 then you might have to do the equivalent in social media, blog posts and videos. Usually you even end up doing more than the trip is worth so in essence really just working for free.

Travel blogging isn’t hard work

So it isn’t the hardest work out there by any stretch of the imagination but it isn’t the easiest either. Sitting in front of your computer til the wee hours of the morning working on your website or getting your 2000 word informative blog post SEO ready is that much fun. At least I get to do it in my pj’s otherwise I would just give up!

Early mornings, late nights, little sleep, going on trips when you are sick, always being on when going on trips. It really really really does take it out of you! Never mind the years it took to even get to that level and literally have to do everything to scrape by while you build your brand.

A little TMI story for you all. Recently I had severe food poisoning like lying on the bathroom floor writhing in pain wishing you could flush yourself down the toilet type of food poisoning. Two days of not keeping anything down and not sleeping and I was a zombie. I still had to work though because no work, no pay. This is the same for most people that have to work hard but I would rather take the assumption when I am offline for two days I am probably lying on some remote tropical beach with no reception thank you very much.

We write about places and products even when we don’t like them

I am pretty sure loads of people do this but I feel you can see when something is authentic and when it’s not. If I stay somewhere I don’t like I would probably avoid writing about it just because I am not a big fan on writing negative reviews. If someone asks me to come stay somewhere that’s not my vibe I simply say no thank you ( which I do very often! ) I also don’t write about vaping, the latest hiking pants or a cool travel pillow because it is just not things I use so what is the point.

I am also one of those people who get flustered and plasters the biggest fake smile on my face when I get an awful gift ( not that any gifts are awful but you know what I mean ) so I guess I am super transparent anyway!

You don’t need any skills to be a travel blogger

I have no skills, like zero. I am not running my own business, while being a photographer, writer, editor, graphic designer, SEO expert, travel agent, planner, designer, marketer, photoshop pro and more. No way, nope, not a chance….

Most travel bloggers actually have multiple skill sets and often jobs. What do you do when you can’t afford to get a website designer? You figure it out yourself. That goes for almost everything and I am 100% self taught and learning new things everyday.

Like in every job you will find some people that don’t have a very vast skill set but most of the travel bloggers I know ( talking about people with actual blogs that they write on ) cn do a whole lot of things.

It’s not a real job

Oh, so you are a travel blogger. How long are you going to do that for before getting a real job? Yes, things people have actually said to me…

If you can make enough money to stay alive then it’s a real job. Now that I think about it, if it’s not a real job then we don’t have to pay tax either right… Hmmmm brb 😛

We don’t care about the environment

I always get the, so if you are such a environmental warrior why are you still flying etc etc. Yes I do feel bad about my carbon footprint but on the either side of the coin i try my best to balance my traveling. I stopped eating meat, I recycle and I try to stay away from single use plastic as much as I possible can. I wear a lot of my clothes over and over and if I don’t wear something anymore I donate it. We hardly drive when we are home and we also drive a low on fuel car. I also always try and be aware or make people aware of environmental problems while traveling.

It’s all about the content and we don’t actually experience the places we go

This one is a bit of a yes and a no. Unfortunately sometimes you either have so much work to do or you get so incredibly wrapped up in shooting that you definitely miss out on some things. We have tried to be better recently and actually immerse ourselves in a bit of the culture. For example when we went to Hong Kong we only used local transport and went to a night market for dinner one evening. We hardly had any time there because we had so much to shoot but taking a few hours just to appreciate the country really made a huge difference to our experience!

What assumptions have you made about travel bloggers?


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