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Travel Blogging Couple { How To }

Travel blogging as a couple might seem like an amazing ideal where you are just on permanent holiday all year long spending our days on beaches or fancy hotels. Although it usually is kind of amazing its not the easiest and although we still have a lot to learn I thought I would share some tips.


Have your own brand:

I see a lot of couples that do travel blogging and only have one blog, one twitter, one instagram etc and although it might work for them I think its better to have two of each. Michael and I love the same things so we can easily both go on a hiking trip or review a luxury hotel, our opinions and experiences might differ though because obviously I am a girl and he is a guy.

My audience might be totally different to his even though we visit the exact same places and I think for brands it gives them a lot more reach. It’s something we have been struggling with especially when trying to explain it to people but I definitely think we should stick to it. It doesn’t mean we can work separately though as we need to video and take photos of each other for each other and we both have different strengths that are needed for both our brands to work.

Be committed:

So many people think being a travel blogging couple is the ultimate life and will invest in creating something after only being together for a couple of months. To me that is a bit crazy especially if you haven’t lived or travelled with this person before. Michael and I have lived together for almost 13 years and we have travelled all over the world together long before the days of blogging. Obviously not everyone will have something like that but its always a good idea to see if you are compatible travellers before you start something together. Travelling is super stressful at the best of times and if you aren’t on the same page things can get ugly quickly. We suarted blogging together two years ago and its not a decision we took lightly.

Be very passionate about it:

You need to love what you are doing and not just the good bits because believe me its not going to be easy at first. Its a lot of admin, late nights and struggling for almost no money. If you are giving up a well paying job just remember to be in for a bit of a surprise and if you don’t absolutely love it with the good and the bad you might find yourself longing for your 9-5 office job. Luckily I have been blogging for 7 years and Mike has been on social media forever and we both adore travelling, photography, writing and everything else that comes with being a travel blogger.

You have to be best friends:

You are going to be spending a lot of time with this one person so you better like them a lot. Long car rides, stressful moments and lots of working together means you need to get along with your significant other. We once had an awful few flights from Costa Rica to England with so many delays and when we got to England eventually it was flooding and our hour train ride turned into a 6 hour nightmare but sitting there tired and hungry ( an old lady gave us a packet of whispers thank goodness! ) we were still able to laugh about it and that means things will always be ok no matter what.

We still haven’t achieved everything we want and we are always learning and improving and that is what keeps it fun and exciting for us. We love that we can experience amazing things together and we cherish all our memories and are so grateful for the places we have been. It might be difficult at times but it is always absolutely 100% worth it.

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