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Traveling with my Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch

The Skagen hybrid smartwatch might seem like just a beautiful time piece from the outside. Don’t be fooled though, this watch is hiding a lot of really cool secrets! 

Trends are edging towards minimalistic and classic especially when it comes to watches. We want our watch to look good but what if it could do the things a smart or fit watch could while retaining the sleek smart image?

This is the reason I absolutely fell in love with the Skagen hybrid smartwatch from Watch Republic. It kind of fits in with my personality where I love to be connected but I also don’t want my technology to take over.

I started using my new watch only a few days before heading off on my trip to Seychelles and I am so glad I had it on my arm for my travels.

What can the Skagen hybrid smartwatch do

This is definitely the first thing I wanted to know. How can it be a smart watch if it doesn’t look like one? Well it actually has a ton of really cool features and its really simple to use. The first thing you need to do though is download the Skagen app for Android or iPhone and then pair your phone via bluetooth. As soon as that is finished it’s go time!

With the help of the app you can set your watch up so it’s perfect for you and what is important in your life! It has an activity tracker, discreet alerts and automatic time change while traveling and thats just a few of the cool functions.

I especially loved the step tracker as you can set goals and your watch actually alerts you when you have reached them! How is that for some awesome motivation!

For those of you that love selfies but the timer just isn’t working you can remotely take photos from your phone! Set up your phone on a tripod or if you wish a selfie stick and then just press the custom button on your phone! Voila, phone remote! I thought this was such a cool function and definitely useful while traveling!

To find out more you can check out the website!

More about Skagen

I have told you a bit about what this awesome watch can do but the outside is just as important as the inside. Skagen was founded in 1989 in a small Danish coastal town. From there it got its name as well as its minimalist approach which I personally really love. The whole Scandi style of clean lines has always resonated with me. They wanted watches to make your life simpler, not more complicated even if it had complicated technology. Less is definitely more and this watch is something I can see myself wearing for a long time and for most occasions as well!

You can buy Skagen smartwatches from


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