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Tropical Fishtail Braid With Clipin Hair Extensions

Clipin Hair extensions are easy to attach real human hair. Recently I tried them out after getting my hair trimmed a bit and I really loved how simple it they were to use! 

Other than having my hair hang loose I had three go to hairstyles while we were exploring Seychelles. Whether you have short hair and you are using clip in hair to give length or longer hair and using it for a bit of volume these hairstyles are super easy to recreate! I loved wearing a high ponytail with hair wrapped around the elastic for a classic look. I also love side braids as they don’t take a whole lot of time and always look cute, especially when you add a flower! With instagram full of #hairgoals and pinterest full of braided hair inspo it can be frustrating when you have short hair that doesn’t want to grow fast enough. Thats why its so much fun to have an option like clipin hair. If you are in the mood for long luscious locks it can give you that confidence. When you get home you can just take it out, no hassle!

Tropical Fishtail Braids

This was the hairstyle I probably wore the most especially because it worked really well with a hat! It was crazy hot when we went. I always need a bit more protection from the sun for my face so wearing a hat was a necessity. Wearing the clip in extensions gave the braids nice volume and I also pull them a bit to create a messy style perfect for a day at the beach.

Check out my how to video below if you want to recreate it!

About Clipin Hair

Clipin Hair is really the perfect choice for anyone that wants to add length or volume to their hair. These easy to use clip in extensions are made from really hair and come in a wide variety of colours. I couldn’t actually believe I found the perfect colour for my hair just by looking at the photos on their website. I asked a few people to look at my hair and then touch a piece that they think is not my real hair. Not one single person got it right and I thought it was pretty hilarious but also really awesome! If you don’t trust your own judgement on the website you can also have them match your hair in store.

You are getting real human hair so you can do everything with it you can with normal hair! You can straighten, curl and do all sorts of hairstyles. Just remember to wash and comb it as well!

If you want to know anything and everything about Clipin hair and how to use it check out their helpful videos on their website! Here they show you how to attach them, wash them and even create some awesome hairstyles! 

Buy your own extensions now! 


  • ivanasworld

    November 2, 2017

    So beautiful, so lovely place 🙂 Amazing pictures 🙂

  • November 3, 2017

    I laughed out loud when I read that you asked people to touch your hair to guess what is your own and what is extensions. I love this idea! The pictures are beautiful!


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