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Ultimate Guide To The West Coast National Park Flower Season

The West Coast National Park is beautiful anytime of the year but for two months in Spring it really gets magical. When the wild flowers bloom and covers areas of the park in colourful blankets its quite a sight.

There is nothing I love more than colour and you will definitely get a lot of it on the West Coast in Spring. During August and September new life pops up everywhere and its one of my favorite things to experience. Every year Michael and I hop in the car and drive about an hour outside Cape Town to make ( mostly my ) floral fantasies come true. Michael is more there for the birds and wildlife but thankfully there is something for everyone!

The West Coast National Park

About an hour outside Cape Town you will find the little piece of heaven called the West Coast National Park. Its a relatively small national park but its full to the brim with natural beauty. On a clear day you can see Table Mountain from the one side where the atlantic pounds against the rocks. The other side is home to a beautiful turquoise lagoon that would look out of place in the Mediterranean. There are incredible rock formations, lots of animals and birds and even house boats to go stay on. Every time we drive in it actually takes my breath away!


The most popular place to look at the flowers is in the Postberg area of the West Coast National Park. This little bit of paradise is only open for two months every year. You can see the most wildlife in this area and its also where you will see the huge patches of wild flowers. Its almost like a circular route with a few places to stop. You can go for a walk on the beach at Plankies baai or have a picnic at a beautiful rocky spot called Uitkyk punt.


Another popular spot is Kraal Baai where you can chill on the beach and even have a braai ( BBQ ) Be prepared to want to stay there all day if you are in love with swimming like me! Its also home to Preekstoel, a pretty awesome rock that juts out of the ocean and is quite a spectacular sight, especially at sunset.

Tips for visiting in Flower Season

  • Usually entry is R50 per adult in flower season but the price goes up to R70 in flower season ( check the website for more rates )
  • It gets crazy busy, especially on weekends so go early to avoid having to wait in a long line to enter the park.
  • It opens at 8 and closes at 7pm
  • Postberg is free of charge to enter but remember to keep your ticket from the entry gate as they will ask you for it.
  • Don’t get out of your car on the side of the road in Postberg. It creates traffic jams and you aren’t really allowed to get out anyway. There are signs to tell you where you are allowed. Don’t be that person…
  • DON’T STEP ON OR SQUISH THE FLOWERS. This annoys me to the max. I see people running, rolling and hopping around in the beautiful flowers, trampling them and spoiling it for everyone. None of my photos are taken in Postberg andI always take care to not step on the flowers. Also obviously don’t pick them. Respect nature people!
  • Drive slowly ( the speed limit is 50 ) as there are loads of little animals everywhere, especially tortoises. You aren’t allowed to pick them up so just stop by it and wait for it to cross.
  • Remember to fill up your car as there is no petrol station in the park
  • You can bring a picnic ( there is one restaurant ) but always clean up after yourself.
  • Watch out for snakes, my sister spotted a Cape Cobra behind a rock when they were taking photos.
  • There are no pets allowed so don’t bring your dog ( or cat  😛 )
  • Go check out the bird hides, there are loads of beautiful birds in the park.


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