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How to Use ANY Lightroom Preset On Your Phone!

Let’s face it, presets are a pretty awesome way to help with the sometimes daunting process of editing photos. Sometimes you just need one click to make your photos pop and that pretty damn cool, especially if you are into saving time.

The thing is we don’t always want to go through the hassle of downloading photos onto our computers and opening Lightroom. Then you still need to export and send them to yourself. I know a lot of people that also shoot on their phone or use wifi cards to instantly grab photos off their cameras.

If you want that one click wonder on your phone so you can use it with the free Lightroom cc app then carry on reading!

How to get Lightroom presets to work on your phone

Step 1 – Download Lightroom CC on mobile if you don’t have it yet

Go to your app store on your phone and download Lightroom CC ( the free version no subscription needed! )

Step 2 – Create a folder called Presets and then an album inside with the specific preset name

Once you have the Lightroom app downloaded and ready open it up and add a new album. I call my album Campsbaygirl Presets. Then add a folder inside the album with the name of your preset pack ( I am adding my moody pastels presets first! )

Now you are ready to start adding those presets and making magic happen!

Step 3 – In Lightroom on your desktop apply the preset you want on a photo

Once you have applied the preset all you have to do is right click and export the photo as a DNG file.

Step 4 – Email yourself the DNG file you just exported

If you have airdrop you can do that but its the easiest for me to just email myself the file!

Step 5 – Import the DNG file into Lightroom cc on your phone and add it to your preset folder

Step 6 – Copy the settings from that photo and paste it onto any other photo that you want the preset on

Thats it! A bit of a hassle when you do it for the first time but after that its a breeze!

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