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Valley Of Desolation in Camdeboo National Park Graaff Reinet

The Valley Of Desolation 100% blew my mind the first time I saw it, and every single time after that as well. When we got to the sleepy historical town of Graaff Reinet for the national instameet I never thought a sight this amazing would be waiting for me in just a couple of hours.


The Valley of Desolation is situated in the Camdeboo national park which is only a 5 minute drive outside Graaff Reinet. We stayed in the camping grounds of the national park which were absolutely awesome and totally worth it!

Sheer cliffs and precariously balanced columns of Dolerite rise 120 metres from the valley floor, against the timeless backdrop of the vast plains of the Camdeboo. This is the product of volcanic and erosive forces of nature over 100 million years.

If that sounds like an awesome place to go, let me tell you it is. The endless drive over flat landscapes, the heat and everything in between was worth the moment when I looked over the edge and saw the view from the top.

I love discovering places in South Africa that are so amazing and that a lot of people either dont know about or take for granted. South Africa is so diverse and beautiful and this year I want to explore more of it and show you the beauty of what I find along the way!



  • January 29, 2016

    Another great post and the photos are amazing, as always!


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